From Ukraine to the Uterus Joe Biden’s SOTU Is About Aborting America

“Biden appears hopeful that aborting Americans will win him four more years.”

Joe Biden is pinning his hopes of re-election on abortion.

The current president of Wokeville U.S.A. used his State of the Union address as an attempt to set the 2024 political agenda.

Donald Trump, he’s boldly claimed, “will ban abortion nationally.”

Riding on the heels of France cementing the macabre termination of motherhood into its constitution, Biden appears hopeful that aborting Americans will win him four more years.

As Federalist head honcho, Mollie Hemmingway recounted on X, “Biden begins speech with focus on funding Ukraine, attacks his own Catholic position on abortion.”

He’s also “threatened the Supreme Court, exhibits hatred for Americans who are Republican, and we’re just a few minutes in.”

Lila Rose, of LiveAction was more forceful, writing, “Kate Cox is President Biden’s guest for #SOTU2024.”

Cox “sued Texas because she demanded a late-term abortion on her baby girl disabled with Trisomy-18.

“This is the President’s agenda: celebrate the brutal slaying of a severely disabled baby.

“We live in a death cult.”

At least Joe Biden’s aborting America platform is more honest than his 2020 failed promise of “build, back, better.”

Aborting America is also a step up from his 2020 “unity and healing” speech.

The speech came complete with the optics and threats of a dictator.

This was, in essence, a proclamation as much as it was a warning: “Anyone not a Democrat, is a domestic terrorist.”

If you consider that a stretch, look up the raids on J6 tourists, and peaceful protesters alike.

Look at their unjust “insurrection” incarcerations. Read up on how peaceful protestors are now being tried as violent offenders.

Follow the journey of non-violent pro-life protesters raided by the FBI, and hand-cuffed at gunpoint in front of their young kids.

Biden has militarized the IRS and turned the war on terror into a war on life, light and liberty (See here and here).

This manoeuvring includes a clear pathway to move Donald Trump from “insurrectionist” to full-blown “terrorist.”

Then there’s the special (well-funded, Soros DA) protection racket stopping Woke weapons of mass destruction, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, from being prosecuted.

Add to this the White House’s Democrat double standard on domestic terrorism.

Throw in J6 Joe’s, ‘no jab, no job’ vaccine mandates, open borders, and its pro-Democrat, demographic election stacking.

Biden’s abort America activism isn’t new. 

They’re just not hiding it behind slogans like “build, back, better” or “unity and healing” anymore.

As Matt Walsh noted, “This speech is a gift to Donald Trump.”

Voting for Trump is now not just about saving America, it’s about stopping Biden from turning the womb into a tomb.

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