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WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn says, convicted terrorists should ‘not necessarily’ serve their full prison sentence

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Sky News that convicted terrorists should “not necessarily” serve their full prison terms.

The comments come after two civilians were brutally murdered by convicted terrorist Usman Khan, who was released halfway through a 16-year prison sentence for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge of Sky News, Corbyn said, whether or not convicted terrorists should serve their full sentence depends on the circumstances of their imprisonment.

Following the attack, Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to end early prison release for terrorists, proposing instead a 14-year mandatory sentence.

“This system has got to end – I repeat, this has got to end, as I’ve been saying for four months,” Johnson said.

“If you are convicted of a serious terrorist offence, there should be a mandatory minimum sentence of 14 years – and some should never be released.

“Further, for all terrorism and extremist offences, the sentence announced by the just must be the time actually served – these criminals must serve every day of their sentence, with no exceptions.”

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