Australia Opinion

Did John Howard Fail Australia?

“Howard had the ring of power. He had the chance to enact a cultural revolution, to reform Australian society in a better direction, to tear down and reshape the organs of the leftist establishment which decides the direction of our culture. Instead, he chose Workchoices.”

Church Opinion

A Call for Peace

“It’s one thing to associate yourself with the “other” you consider your equal, but it’s quite another to expect a toleration, and even an association with those we consider dishonourable.”

Christianity Opinion

Done With Dunking

“Why would God initiate a sacrament to be administered across the globe that requires deep pools of water? Give a Presbyterian minister a go-bag containing a Bible, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, and a flask of water and he has every element needed to conduct a complete worship service anytime and anywhere for the people of God.”