Christianity Opinion

Separation of Church and State… Except When It’s Convenient for the State to Interfere

“Unfortunately for Christians in Australia, we don’t have clear constitutional provisions to point at when the state and territory government gets uncomfortably involved in religious affairs. It seems that while Section 116 of our constitution protects us from the Federal government messing with religion, the States and Territories get free reign.”

Christianity Opinion

My Nagging Feeling

“I was born and brought up as one of four missionary children in Tanzania. I still remember to this day the lepers in the streets… The church there in Morogoro did not stop the sick from entering and was open to all.”

Australia Opinion

Vaccine Passports for Worship Place Members Under Church Discipline for Illegitimate Reasons

“In the end, to ban healthy believers from public worship for any reason other than unrepentant sin, including those based on whatever arbitrary medical treatments the government deems necessary at any particular time of the day, is to ultimately exchange the gracious staff of the Great Shepherd for the often cruel and unforgiving rod of Caesar.”