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52-year-old former PhD student is suing his university for $3.125 MILLION for ‘loss of sex drive’ after failing two subjects

A former PhD student is suing Queensland’s James Cook University for $3.125 million, after failing two subjects and being accused of plagiarism.

Kuldeep Mann said the trauma of failing cost him his reputation and sex drive.

“I’m no longer wanting to be on the bed, to share bed with my partner,” the 52-year-old told Nine News Queensland. “There is no such desire. No desire for anything.”

This is the unfortunate result of cultivating a culture of entitlement. Not only do people imagine they’re entitled to more than they’ve earned, but they also almost entirely lack any concept of personal responsibility.

Any failures experienced in life are somehow not of our own doing, but caused by external factors, either people or particular circumstances, that have hindered our otherwise flawless performance.


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