Resistance Rappers Crash ‘Boycott Target’ Into the Hip/Hop Top Ten

“The PRIDE line features PRIDE flag onesies for infants, and bathing suits to encourage boys to be girls through ‘tucking,’ and girls to be boys by providing ‘extra crotch coverage.'”

Singer, collaboration king, and COVID critic, Jimmy Levy, is back doing the heavy lifting.

In 2021, the former American Idol contestant became synonymous with pro-freedom courage in the face of anti-freedom medical authoritarianism.

Levy, and company, wrote the resistance soundtrack.

Collaborating with Jewish artist, Hi-Rez, Levy released ‘This is a War,’ in October 2021, declaring:

“This is war on religion. This is a war on the children. They give you the cure with the sickness. This is a war on tradition.

“Home of the slave, till the crickets make a sound. Where’s the bold, and the brave? We all have to stand our ground.”

The song was closely shadowed by ‘Welcome to the Revolution,’ with the duo adding,

“Keep the money. I would rather have my soul. They want power and control. That’s their number one goal.

“All my friends turn to foes. Look how easily they fold. Even Nazis say they were doing what they’re told.

“We will not comply with the institution’s sick illusions. No, it won’t be televised. Welcome to the revolution.”

Their 2022 follow-up, ‘God over Government’ was bolder, and a whole lot more clearer.

The protest song slammed fear-mongering bureaucrats for politicising medicine, and censoring doctors, arguing,

“If we’re not one nation under God. Then we will be a nation going under. We won’t get our freedom by complying, so parents please protect your sons and daughters.”

Levy, unashamed about sharing his faith in Christ, said, “It’s one of my favourites. Not only because it has the best feeling, it praises The Creator!

“Rez and I will never stop fighting!”

He’s made good on that promise.

Taking on Trans-activism, and risking the career-killing displeasure of the fascist LGBTQ+ cult, Levy released ‘Boycott Target’ on May 26.

Target is losing money after the company chose to pre-empt PRIDE month, and stock propagandised LGBTQ+ kids’ clothing made by artist Erik Carnell.

Heightening concern, Carnell’s Etsy merchandise has featured symbols including pentagrams, rams’ skulls, and the slogan ‘Satan respects pronouns.”

Despite rejecting claims he’s a Satanist, Target’s business partnership with the LGBTQ+ party member raised alarm because his designs target kids.

The PRIDE line features PRIDE flag onesies for infants, and bathing suits to encourage boys to be girls through “tucking,” and girls to be boys by providing “extra crotch coverage.”

TV host, mum, and lead critic, Megyn Kelly hammered the move stating, “no woman needs extra crotch room because we don’t have penises down south in Rio!”

No fan of Drag Queen Story Time, Kelly – who is sympathetic to adult Drag Queen “entertainment” – has publicly rebuked Trans activism targeting kids.

Two weeks ago, Kelly responded to actress Charlez Theron’s threat to “F*** anyone up who messes with Drag Queens,” exclaiming, “Why doesn’t Theron come and f*** me up? Because I’m 100% against her on this.”

Kelly told parents, “Know what you’re supporting. Understand what we’re actually seeing out there which can include absolutely the grooming of young children.”

Jimmy Levy’s latest lyrical letter to the pro-freedom resistance slams corporations for capitulating to Cultural Marxism.

Such as corporations co-opting the far-left’s arrogant push to convert kids to LGBTQ+ism.

Recorded with the help of MAGA-affiliated rappers, Forgiato Blow (Kurt Jantz), Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, ‘Boycott Target’ is true to form.

Recognising the millions supporting the song, Levy asserted, “As a man it is my job to stand up for the children and their future. My children will know that their father didn’t stay silent.”


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