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Anti-Science Persecution of Conscientious Objectors Continues

Raff Ciccone, a Federal Labor Senator in Victoria, has argued in The Age that businesses should be allowed to deny entry to people who have refused a rushed and ineffective COVID-19 vaccine.

Ciccone argues that employers of workers in so-called vulnerable communities and event ticket sellers could deny objectors if they don’t have the right stamp in their ‘vaccine passport’.

This needs to stop now.

The worship of speculative projections about the effectiveness of vaccine shots is anti-science. We already know available influenza shots are just 40-60% effective, according to recent gold-standard studies.

COVID-19 is a serious upper respiratory infection that is a ‘coronavirus’ – in the same family as the ordinary cold. It is a very serious infection because it can trigger deadly inflammation through immune-overreaction, but it is highly preventable for healthy people under 60 years.

The overwhelming majority of people who are infected with it will not display any symptoms.

Like a growing minority of elites, Ciccone said, “I have no interest in your alternative ‘facts’.” Such ideas are anti-science – which is always accumulating and challenging current medical theories.

Ciccone thinks the “consequences” of an individual health care decision should be legal rejection. This echoes the secularist hatred for Christian objections to certain messages in their sole-trading business.

When you let health bureaucrats punish people who disagree about what positively “loving your neighbour” means, then we’ll continue to see a secularist ‘Church’ and State in an ever-increasing union.

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