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Man Kneels on the Neck of a Crying White Baby in Shocking Photo, Police Investigate

Warning: Distressing Content.

A horrific photo is circulating on social media showing an Ohio man kneeling on the neck of a white baby in an apparent reference to George Floyd’s death.

A second person can be seen in the picture, holding the crying infant’s hands behind their back. The caption of the photo reads: “Blm now.”

Although the shocking act has received little media attention, Clark County Police have said they are investigating the post.

“We are looking into this case, however, it is still an active investigation,” Maj. Chris Clark told a local media outlet.

“At this point, we are actively looking into it and we are very early on into this investigation.”

A website called Nationalist Review claims to have identified the man as the boyfriend of the child’s mother. The website also shared screenshots of comments from a woman claiming to be the infant’s grandmother.

“I’m the grandmother of the little boy and my son has him now and he’s in good hands,” she said.

“My son didn’t know it happened till this morning. It was the mother of the child that let it happen her and her boyfriend and those friends. Shame on them for letting the mother let this happen to my grandchild.”

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