Is Biden’s Four Pillars Policy Against Domestic Terrorism a Trojan Horse for Woke Supremacism?

“If made law, Biden’s CRT trojan horse would set American civil liberties, and gains made by the early civil rights movement back decades.”

Joe Biden’s National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorismis the first of its kind.

Based on an explanation from the Center for Strategic & International Studies, the policy proposals follow a review of Government ‘efforts to respond to domestic extremism,’ ordered by Biden in January.

The structure of the Biden plan utilises Four Pillars that the Department of Homeland security says is designed to combat “domestic terrorism.”

In essence, the first pillar centralises power through information sharing.

Pillar two utilises Silicon Valley technocrats to police and silence content deemed “disinformation” or recruitment to incite violence.

Pillar three gives more power to the DOJ and FBI to investigate and prosecute, as well as vet and improve screening of Government employees.

Pillar four seeks to legislate against “(systemic) racism”, guns, bigotry, disinformation, political polarization; and looks to prevent these “domestic terror” threats through education, civic engagement and faith in democratic institutions.

CSIS applauded the policy, saying the document’s conclusions about “white supremacist and anti-government militia ideology—posing the “most persistent and lethal threat” to the United States,” were “consistent” with their own findings.

Those findings allege (through historical examples) that “66% of domestic terrorism and plots in 2020” were related to White Supremacists and anti-government militias.

The CSIS didn’t hide their puzzlement at how the United States government’s focus, has, up until this Biden extension of what constitutes “domestic terrorism,” remained focused on Islamic terrorism, not white supremacism.

The Center remarked that while the Trump administration had initiated a strategic framework for countering terrorism and targeted violence, Biden’s policy was “the first document to directly tie U.S. counterterrorism efforts to broader social issues such as systemic racism, police reform, and gun control.”

CSIS then acknowledged how problematic the strategy is.

Citing Biden’s new proposal, they said the approach relied too heavily on tech companies.

In addition, the policy outline “provided little substance” on how the national strategy against “white supremacism” will “protect privacy and free speech,” and not “unjustly targeting political dissidents and minority groups.”

CSIS also drew attention to hindrances from the legislative body. Such as ongoing concerns about the potential state-sanctioned teaching from Critical Race Theory that’s stalled a “bipartisan bill to enhance civic education nationwide.”

Dismissing those concerns as “misconceptions”, the CSIS article inferred that Biden’s battle against “domestic terrorism,” while brave, was not to be misread as old, misguided, pro-Vietcong 1960s radical leftists, taking to tilting at new imaginary giants such as “white privilege”, and what David Horowitz has called, ‘the myth of systemic racism.’

Horowitz states in his 2021 book ‘The Enemy Within’, if ‘systemic racism existed, the courts would be packed with plaintiffs, because the 14th Amendment and the 1964 civil rights act outlaw discrimination based on race.’

In their outline, the CSIS has assuaged potential claims that Biden’s ‘National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism’, which, by deliberate extension, adds systemic racism to the definition of “domestic terrorism,” isn’t itself a domestic terror threat.

Their defence isn’t convincing. If made law, Biden’s CRT trojan horse would set American civil liberties, and gains made by the early civil rights movement back decades.

Despite CSIS’s defence, Biden’s policy shift looks like a trojan horse for CRT, and Intersectionality.

Made law, this would give legislative power to these ideologies and mark, for example, a significant departure from the right to due process.

Unless amended, and better defined, this new policy framework (particularly Pillar 4) about what constitutes “domestic terrorism,” would extend the definition of domestic terrorism to opposition against Critical Race Theory, and lend legislative power to racist, arbitrary claims, from intersectionality advocates that equate “whiteness” with evil. 

Such as Harvard faculty edited Magazine, Race Traitor’s: “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” (Horowitz, ‘The Enemy Within’)

By default, through its poorly defined terms such as the Fourth Pillar’s attempt to address “political polarisation,” this could mean at worst, a legal pathway for the Democrats to ban MAGA rallies, arrest Trump, and outlaw the MAGA movement.

I would, at this stage posit that Biden’s “Four Pillars”, should the proposals become law, would be akin to a Soviet-Style purge, making McCarthyism, and Jim Crow laws, look tame by comparison.

The mechanism for this already exists, thanks to the adoption in Western countries of the Communist Chinese Party’s lockdown response to C0VID-19.

C0VID-19 is the perfect storm for overreach. The government has the framework to use emergency powers in a fight against what it constitutes as “domestic terrorism” – and now knows how easy it is to use a public health crisis to win public support for such a war.

Indicating a move in this direction, Chicago’s Democrat African-American, Lesbian Mayor has declared racism a “public health crisis.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot “joined the parade” of Democrat cities, and Government health organisations declaring racism to be “a public health crisis needing immediate attention.”

If racism is declared a pandemic (systemic), as both the CRT peddlers, and the brainwashed by CRT believe, then the same totalitarian mechanisms applied during C0VID-19 are a probable conduit for enforcing the cognitive distortions, divisions, and hatred, enabled by Intersectionality.

It’s not a stretch to ask whether or not this could involve the confiscation of wealth, through the elevation of “oppressor shaming” and a deification of the “oppressed.”

Biden’s Four Pillars opens the door for potential for the abuse of civil liberties.

The CATO institute provided an example by positing that pillar four suggests government gun confiscations, as the definition of “domestic terrorist” is expanded to include gun owners.

This, despite gun control not necessarily being an anti-terror preventer, given that planes, cars and bombs has been responsible for the majority of terrorism-related mass casualties on American soil.

As the CSIS noted, Biden’s “Four Pillars” will expand the government, and implement a centralised “public-health-based approach to violence prevention.”

From which Biden’s pillars will utilise big government to “confront the root causes of politically motivated violence; increase individual and community resilience to extremist ideology, and build radicalization offramps.”

The concern here is that, in the extreme, a “public-health-based approach” might open the door for re-education camps. This would allow new authoritarians to demand a do or die allegiance to the Leftist ideological hegemony.

An unquestionable power, who through the lens of lockdowns, and the Cultural Marxist code of conduct, Intersectionality, enslaves a person’s status, worth and place in society, to the shade of their melanin, type of minority, and amount of material wealth.

The clue for this isn’t solely revealed by the nature of Biden’s policy outline.

It’s revealed by the fact that the catalyst for Biden’s “Four Pillars” wasn’t Antifa, or Black Lives Matter Incorporated burning down black communities in Portland, or their May 2020 seizing of the Capitol, it was the tragic Capitol Hill riots on January 6th.

We should be united in a stand against life-taking violent extremism, and aim to affirm life by countering domestic violence in all its forms, but if that means expanding boundaries, blurring distinctions, and redefining rules based on extreme, discreditable theories, then our Biblically informed, reasoned objections to white supremacism summon us to object to woke supremacism with equal ferocity.

Biden’s attempt to combat “domestic terrorism” is commendable, but the Democrat’s one-sided fixation on the ghost of the Ku Klux Klan (now a fringe element numbering approx. 3,000 in the United States), ignores the fanaticism of the Black Nationalist Nation of Islam, Antifa, Black Lives Matter militantism and Planned Parenthood.

The fine print raises the question: Is Biden’s Four Pillars Policy Against Domestic Terrorism just a Trojan Horse for woke supremacism?

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