How J6 Sentencing Sets the Stage for Biden’s DOJ to Label Trump a Terrorist

“These sentencings are more than well-intentioned, firm examples designed to warn off anyone who might attend a lively protest, or voice reasoned concerns about election interference.”

The dark side of the January 6 show trials is how it lends itself to the consolidation of power.

From pro-life advocates to former Trump lawyers, Democrats are actively persecuting political opponents.

This is more than a witch hunt, it’s a purge.

The latest J6 convictions are part of what I identified in September last year as the Left’s domestic terrorism double standard.

These sentencings are more than well-intentioned, firm examples designed to warn off anyone who might attend a lively protest, or voice reasoned concerns about election interference.

They set a precedent to trap a former President.

The prosecution tying Proud Boys members to domestic terrorism speaks volumes about the Biden Justice Department’s intentions.

As the Democrat’s chief political enemy, Donald Trump is a high-value target.

By tying the Proud Boys convictions to Trump, Biden’s prosecutors can try to use the “obstructing a peaceful transfer of power” narrative to frame the former President as a terrorist.

The seeds for this were sown in 2022 when far-left activists stained the anniversary of 9/11 by conflating Trump with Bin Laden.

Such as when former CCN contributor, turned SiriusXM show host, Dean Obeidallah, repeatedly declared Trump a terrorist, saying “Time to hold him accountable!!!”

If “get Donald Trump at all costs” Democrats can imprison him (and others) by way of similar convictions, and subsequent sentencings, and they can incapacitate threats to their power base.

If there was no political agenda being served by the J6 trials, why haven’t far-left offenders been arrested, tried, and sentenced with the same yardstick?

As the Federalist’s Tristan Justice argued, Far-left demonstrators are not being held to the same judicial standards as the J6 demonstrators.

The contrast is telling.

For example, “decades-long prison sentences represent a radical departure from how domestic terrorists were treated after far-left revolutionaries catalysed the most destructive explosion of civil unrest in decades,” writes the Fed.

They then added, “The 2020 riots cost more than 66 times the inflated estimates of the Capitol carnage. That’s just accounting for the two-week aftermath of the riots over George Floyd’s death alone.

“Kenosha, Wisconsin residents,” Tristan continued, “were still recovering.”

Additionally, “two former lawyers were sentenced by a federal judge to just one year in prison for setting a New York Police car on fire with a Molotov cocktail over George Floyd.”

See also the example of a “Minnesota man, who was sentenced to just four years for lighting the Minneapolis police station on fire.’

Just for good measure, remember “former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.”

He “enabled the complete takeover of a city neighbourhood to become known as Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), labelled the turbulent ‘summer of love,’” The Federalist added.

If justice was blind, Black Lives Matter leaders, celebrities, and politicians on the left – who actively, either participated or cheered on the far-left’s wave of mass destruction in 2020 – would also be behind bars.

This list includes those who openly entertained the idea of “blowing up the White House” (Madonna), assassinating Trump (Depp and Snoop Dogg), and “beheading the president” (Kathy Griffin).

Among them sits the smug, Maxine Waters, who incited harassment of Trump voters, telling Woke activists to “fight them on the streets.” (source: the video embedded above).

The Federalist is right.

The weaponization of the judicial branch of government has created a two-tier justice system.

Biden’s well-coordinated war on pro-life advocates was an early indicator.

Arresting lawyers for questioning a sudden midnight spike in votes, which conveniently benefited Joe Biden, is another.

Note also, how Biden’s DOJ prosecutes one riot, while that same DOJ ignores the post-apocalyptic devastation left behind by weeks on end of left-wing carnage, and mayhem.

Same “crimes,” different political, and ideological affiliations.

Jump to 2023, and those being punished are on the other side of the political fence.

In contrast to a slap on the wrist for Antifa and Black Lives Matter Inc., Enrique Tarrio, former leader of the Proud Boys, was sentenced to 22-years in prison.

This sentence was under the 33-year prison time demanded by the Woke White House.

Although the 39-year-old abided by a previous request from authorities days earlier to not attend the J6 protests, Tarrio received the biggest sentence.

Biden’s DOJ argued that Tarrio had orchestrated, and incited the J6 crowd to riot through texts.

Three other Proud Boys members were also sentenced on the grounds of “seditious conspiracy.”

Father, former InfoWars correspondent, and US Army Vet, Joe Biggs, 38 was handed 17 years. 

Ex-Marine, Zachary Rehl will serve 15 years. Ethan Nordean, 32, received 18 years, and 46-year-old Dominic Pezzola 10 years.

According to the BBC, the group of men are among 1,100 people arrested for what was falsely labelled at the time as the “insurrection at the Capitol.”

If the double standard on domestic terrorism doesn’t galvanise the grassroots anti-woke establishment movement, the shock of lengthy jail terms should.

Tarrio, like many dragged in front of these J6 show trials, are for the most part political prisoners.

They exist now as wards of the state.

Political pawns for propagandists in the wacky Woke quest to get some payback for 2016.

As Biden warned the world last year: “We are coming for you.”

By this, he meant, “anyone not a Democrat, would be targeted as a Domestic Terrorist.”

Make no mistake about it, Biden’s four-pillar redirection of the war on terror is coming for anyone not allied with him or his party’s Acronym Army.

Biden’s faceless handlers are making good on that promise.

This will thrill their power base. It should send a shudder down the backbone of all those in their way.

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