The War on Terror Is Coming Home and Ordinary Americans Are Being Pushed Into Its Line of Fire

Biden’s administration is adding the Intersectional handbook for Critical Race Theory to how it fights the “war on terror.”

The White House portrait of Biden’s candidacy reads: His pathway to the presidency was “built from the beginning around three pillars: the battle for the soul of our nation, the need to rebuild our middle class, and a call for unity.”

The epitaph then etches out a hagiography worthy of Pravda: “It was a message that would only gain more resonance in 2020 as we confront a pandemic, an economic crisis, urgent calls for racial justice, and the existential threat of climate change.”

The words lift Biden to the seat of political prophet.

Written with an air of reverence and solemnity, the words hint at a messianic presence in the White House arriving just in time to save the nation from a pandemic, “liberating” the American people from four years of social strife, which culminated in almost a year of destructive Marxist riots camouflaged as anti-racism.

Events which, for the curious observer, come across as if they were almost sculpted to fit the Leftist hegemony’s second coming. Events that benefited the Biden campaign in almost every way, when he wasn’t tucked away behind closed doors.

Post Biden’s Deus Ex Machina election win, the three-pillar candidacy of unity, values and economic strength, gives way to the Biden Four Pillar war on terrorism at home.

Four new pillars on which Biden hopes to build and secure, not the nation, or its people, but the power of the Democrat Marxist messiahship.

In case you missed the memo, the proposed Four Pillars extend the definition of domestic terrorism to include, “political polarisation,” “disinformation”, “systemic racism” and the centralisation of extended governmental powers.

In other words, Biden’s administration is adding the Intersectional handbook for Critical Race Theory to how it fights the “war on terror.”

This is the inspiration behind Facebook’s new measures to combat “extremism.” A problematic term, overused, ambiguous and arbitrary.

Radical leftist hate groups like SPLC, BLM, and ideologies like CRT, QT Intersectionality, already ‘call innocent people “racists and hate-mongers” (as written extensively about by Agnostic, Jewish writer David Horowitz).

We already have a Yale professor who considers Christian Homeschoolers to be “white supremacists” and an “Ex-vangelical” Wokian labelling them “domestic terrorists.”

It’s probable that Constitution loving, flag-bearing Americans, veterans, and as mandatory COVaxx fiats continue to grow in popularity due to the promise of restored freedoms, “anti-C19 vaxxer” will be added to the list.

Biden’s policy outline for a National Strategy to Counter “Domestic Terrorism” asserts that “in a democracy, there is no justification for resorting to violence to resolve political differences.”

It’s a policy targeting non-leftists with a partisan bias that ignores four years of Democrats, and their radical left-wing “Marxist militias” employing “violence to resolve political differences.”

When confronting the fiction with reality, the facts are discounted as “lacking nuance.”

Facebook’s fact-checkers were triggered by a Caldron Pool video montage that provides incontestable proof, exposing four years of Democrats, and their Hollywoke allies calling for violence in the streets because Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

The video posted on Facebook was immediately tagged as having “Missing Context.” Attached was an AFP caption stating that “quotes from US Democrats falsely characterised as calls for violence.”

The bias was blazingly obvious.

The context is the Left’s undeniably extreme, anti-Trump wars, and their calls did incite violence. 

Clear a path through legacy media’s fiction about January 6, you’ll see how this anti-Trump war is more a war forced onto the people of the United States by team hate-America, in operation since at least 1968.

Begin with how legacy media jumped from “insurrection” to “riot” in a matter of months. Add in countless, wall-to-wall coverage, op-eds, all betraying a hard-to-conceal, smug, furtive joy from Leftists.

Biden was king. MAGA was on the run, some affiliates were arrested, some blacklisted, some yet to be met with the full broadside of the radical Left’s new loaded gun.

Salon is a typical example of the phantasmagoric Left’s media machine in action.

In his first address to Congress, Joe Biden falsely called the fatal breach of security, “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

Reporting on “right-wing” responses correcting Biden’s statements about the “siege of Capitol Hill by Trump supporters”, Salon chided Breitbart as “far-right,” and attributed Ben Shapiro’s comments fact-checking Biden’s falsehood to snarkiness.

Salon’s choice of words is off the shelf rhetoric designed to feed into widespread doctrine, that assumes all criticism of Biden, or Leftism in general proves that a pandemic of “right-wing extremism” is plaguing the nation.

Odd, considering not one Leftist cried “insurrection” or wrote lengthy opinion pieces lamenting “extremism” when ‘unruly protestors interrupted proceedings and blocked Brett Kavanaugh from making his opening statements until Capitol Police removed them.’ [i]

Also odd is the lack of concern from anti-establishment ‘60s radicals over attacks on Tucker Carlson, and allegations of government spying on his electronic communications.

USA Today, fact-checking correlations between January 6 and September 2018, not surprisingly reported: “missing context.”

There was “no damage done, no lives lost.” Although hundreds were arrested, and “protestors” breached containment lines to “pound on its doors,” USA Today, repeating Democrat leadership at the time, imply that it was mostly “peaceful protestors” exercising their rights because the Capitol “was open on to the public in 2018, not January 6.”

David Horowitz’s verdict corrects this:

“Free speech, had nothing to do with the disruptions, which were more properly described as fascistic. They were attacks on the committee process and the Congress as an institution, and thus on the very democracy the proceedings were designed to implement.” [ii]


“[This] was a concerted attempt to disrupt and obstruct the hearings. It was a direct attack on the process and, of course, on the Republicans who were being accused of conducting an assault on women by holding the hearing at all. The disruptions were a strategic effort to create an alternative narrative about the proceedings themselves.” [iii]

It’s partisan polarisation to paint the attacks on Brett Kavanaugh and his family as merely an exercise in peaceful protesting while demonising January 6 (as tragic as it was) as a “white supremacist” insurrection.

Will this unequal application of justice be corrected under the new Biden initiatives on domestic terrorism? Unlikely.

There’s a narrative to serve.

Biden’s four pillars war on terror negate the three pillars of his candidacy.

C0VID-era government overreach won’t end with a COVaxxed nation.

The war on terror is coming home, and ordinary Americans who don’t agree with, or align with the false doctrines, falsehoods, and false gods of radical Leftist jihadism, are in its firing line.

[i] Horowitz, D. 2021. The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement is Destroying America (pp. 60-61). Regnery Publishing.

[ii] ibid.

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