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Health authorities give kids as young as 13-years-old free condoms and lube

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Children as young as 13 will have access to free condoms and lube as part of an initiative launched by Public Health England in partnership with local councils.

The C-Card scheme allows students to obtain a pass from their schools and libraries, granting youngsters access to “bundles of sex aids from hundreds of outlets across the UK” The Sun reported last month.

According to the report, when children pick up their C-Card, they’re given a lesson in how to put on a condom on a dummy penis, along with an extensive list of shops where they can obtain free condoms and lube.

One advertisement for the scheme is even said to mention protection from anal sex for those under the age of 16.

Health authorities hope the scheme will reduce teen pregnancies and help prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Our society is now so hostile to objective morality, that rather than protecting innocence and teaching abstinence, self-respect and virtue, children are essentially encouraged to break the law, to practice sexual immorality, but to do so in a “safe” way. It’s as though teenage pregnancy or friction burn is the only real issue with 13-year-old children engaging in sexual activities.

The problem is, in a post-Christian society, we’re no longer giving our children a meaningful standard to want to strive for, or an absolute purpose outside of their own existence. Naturally, they turn inward. They seek whatever brings them pleasure in the moment and with little regard or consideration for the consequences.

After all, we teach children they’re nothing more than mere animals, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they begin to act like it.

The answer to our children doing harmful things, illegal things, is not lessons in how to do those things “safer”. The answer is giving our children a meaningful reason for not wanting to do those harmful things in the first place. And that’s something our post-Christian, relativistic society is beginning to realise they’re incapable of offering.

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