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WATCH: Student kicked out of class for suggesting there are only two genders, told “unacceptable opinions” can’t be voiced in school, even if they are scientifically true

A student at a school in Scotland has been booted from class for suggesting there are only two genders.

Footage uploaded to social media shows the teacher confronting the pupil, explaining that “unacceptable opinions”, even those which may be scientifically true, cannot be voiced in the school.

“I think it’s silly to have anything other than two genders, sir,” the student said. “Anything else is a personal opinion.”

“Would you please keep that opinion [in] your house. Not in this school,” the teacher responded.

“So, you get to put your opinion out in class, but my opinion has to stay inside my house?” the student asked.

“I’m not putting my opinion out,” the teacher said. “I’m stating what is national, school authority policy.”

“It’s not scientific whatsoever,” the student replied.

“Not every policy is scientific,” the teacher claimed.

And these are the folks “educating” the next generation. God, help us!


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