Why Do the Globalists Want to Stop Us Eating Meat?

“Could it be that the demon-inspired oligarchs do not want us to eat meat because of all the positive health benefits? I think so.”

One big aspect of the ‘sustainability’ dominated Agenda 2030 of the WEF/UN is to stop us from eating meat, especially red meat. Why is that?

One excuse they use is the global warming scare. Cattle are falsely claimed to contribute to global warming due to their methane emissions. But global warming is a hoax. There is no climate emergency; never was.

Or, they love us and their reason is to protect us because meat is unhealthy? But that can’t be the case because it has been shown scientifically and by experience for thousands of years to boost human health.

Human beings have been eating meat for thousands of years. Since the end of the global Deluge in fact. Prior to the great flood humans only ate fruit and vegetables, according to the plan God put in place at the Creation (Genesis 1:29). At least that was the Creator’s original plan. The Curse changed that and the fossil record shows carnivory was common pre-flood.

But after the flood God said that the survivors, Noah and his family, should eat animal meat (Genesis 9:3). The Scripture does not specify what animals. That didn’t come until much later under the laws given to Moses on Mount Horeb in Sinai.

Noah and his family might have enjoyed Leviathan meat. We read:

You brake the heads of leviathan in pieces, and gave him to be meat [meaning food, victuals] to the people inhabiting the wilderness.

Psalm 74: 14

The context seems to be post-flood. The Hebrew word לִוְיָתָ֑ן (livyatan) is transliterated because it was not known by the translators what it was. It is often translated as a sea monster or dragon. Could it have been a marine dinosaur of some kind? Dragon is also a possibility. So dragon meat was on the menu? I wonder if it tasted like chicken.

Why did God command the survivors to eat meat after the flood? Was it because the supply of nutrients from a plant-based diet was inadequate?

There are three factors that would have influenced that. One is the change in the global environment due to the catastrophe that killed everything on the Earth’s surface. Another is the effects of the Curse on creation. Plants produced antitoxins to ward off animals from eating them. And that would have multiplied over time. The third is the effects of decay processes on human physiology due to DNA damage that has been accumulating since Creation. An increase in genetic entropy meant increased mutations. That meant humans were less fit and needed a more direct supply of the essential nutrients that come from eating meat.

Nowadays they blame all new diseases on meat. Strange considering the long history of humans eating meat, without suffering from these modern diseases. But only a few hundred years ago people ate unprocessed meat from naturally grown animals without the fried-in-oil and trans-fat saturated processed food of modern times.  Nor did they eat toxic seed oils, like Canola, which is now ubiquitous.

Nowadays we specify ‘organic’ to avoid the toxic chemicals and fertilizers used in the agricultural system, but in the old days ‘organic’ simply meant the food was natural.

Humans are biologically designed to be omnivores, which means we can eat meat and plants. The simple fact that our body can digest meat is evidence that we are designed to be omnivores.

The human intestine is similar to that of carnivores with an intermediate-sized digestive tract. The vegan community have claimed that humans are herbivores. However, the science of the human body and the historical record of human dietary choices do not support those claims.

Humans can survive without meat. But far better positive health outcomes are easily achievable only if meat is included in our diet.

Many vegans are ideologically driven. They claim killing animals is inhumane. But killing humans slowly with malnutrition is definitely inhumane. And the Creator commanded humans to eat meat from about 4,500 years ago in the post-flood world.

Could it be that the demon-inspired oligarchs do not want us to eat meat because of all the positive health benefits? I think so.

Some years ago I went on a vegan diet for 9 months. I was hoping to heal from numerous afflictions. At that time I also started eating only organic food, though plant-based. I did get some benefits but after about 6 months I started to go downhill developing much more pain throughout my body.

I learnt at that time about the organic acid – Oxalic acid – in many plants which use that anti-nutrient to fend off insects and other predators. Oxalic acid forms razor-sharp Calcium Oxalate crystals in our tissues especially if our gut has been compromised due to past antibiotic use.  By going on a low Oxalate diet I have overcome most health issues over time. This is an example of one anti-nutrient in plants. There are many more.

Thus I took to eating a very high meat/fat diet because meat is low in Oxalates and I have grown stronger over the past few years, and overcome all my ‘incurable’ diseases without pharmaceuticals.

Meat has all the needed nutrients for humans. Only in animal proteins are found all the necessary amino acids, which our bodies cannot make themselves. To get all of those a vegan needs to be very diligent and even take supplements. Even so, the amino acids from plants are not so well absorbed.

To build healthy muscle, skin and bones we need to eat meat, especially in this sin-cursed world. The longer the time since the Curse the more accumulation of deleterious genes in our genome and the less fit the human species. The essential amino acids can repair some of that.

Vegans and vegetarians more quickly show the effects of time on their bodies due to a deficiency of the essential amino acids. The ideological vegans are not always so health-conscious either.

If you want to avoid the onslaught of all the anti-nutrients eat meat. It is that simple.

There is not a single plant-based food that has all the micro and macronutrients found in meat. Some of the essential nutrients are only found in meat and not in vegetables or grains. One of those is iron, an essential mineral that is abundant in red meat. Without iron our body cannot produce the important oxygen-carrying molecule haemoglobin and without it our body is starved of oxygen.  That means no energy and no strength.

Clean unprocessed meat is the answer to most ills and diseases.  It does not increase cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, or cancer. The processed foods, especially with trans-fats are highly toxic and cause disease, but saturated animal fats are food, not poison. It is like the lie that Carbon Dioxide is poison when actually it is plant food and essential for life on this planet. Saturated animal fat has no real impact on cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease, recent studies show.

Almost everything that the oligarchs tell us is bad, including red meat and saturated animal fat, especially from clean pasture-fed sheep and cattle, is actually very healthy. In fact, it is God-ordained food for humans in a post-flood world.

The real reasons for the planned shutdown of all meat-producing agriculture are as follows. To decarbonise the planet of humans; that is, to massively reduce the human herd. Less humans means less drain on the resources of the planet. Also to return the planet to nature in their demon-inspired Gaia worship of Mother Earth.

The final reason is to control the herd that is left is because red meat makes you strong, and able to think clearly and critically. More oxygen to the brain, heart and muscles.

It is much more difficult to control a group of people who are well-fed. Joe Stalin and all despots have known this. Keep the mob close to starvation, on a drip feed, and they will obey. They won’t have the strength to revolt anyway.

Eating red meat falls into the same category as other freedoms we enjoy. The freedom to think our own thoughts and express them. The freedom to worship the Lord our God and speak of His grace. The freedom to not follow the diktats of the oligarchs who would control every aspect of our lives.

Please do not succumb to the lies about read meat and lose all its health benefits. What follows is weakness, disease, malnutrition and death.

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