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Princeton University professor says, sex with dogs is harmless: ‘I know women who say it pleases them.’

Video has resurfaced, thanks to Mark Powell at The Spectator, of Professor Peter Singer, moral philosopher and ethicist from Princeton University, suggesting sex between humans and dogs is harmless provided the animal essentially consents.

In 2010 Singer appeared on the ABC’s Q&A where he explained, “A woman has oral sex performed by her dog. I know women who have said this is something that pleases them. The dog is free to do it or walk away. There is no dominance over the dog. That seems to me harmless.”


When asked in another interview if he had similar thoughts regarding sex with children, Singer refused to call the act itself wrong saying, “The issue here is whether this harms the ten year olds and will harm them in their sexuality later on… My view is not that anything is just wrong full stop.”


Mark Powell rightly said, “The fact that anyone in the community—let alone a ‘moral philosopher’ from Princeton University—is arguing for something like this should be a cause for public outrage.”

Strangely, the public have been rather quiet on this one. The video of Singer’s appearance on Q&A has only received just over 3,000 views in more than eight years.

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