The Stage Is Set for a Showdown

“The legacy media and political and professional classes have traded off the terror created by this manufactured crisis and they should be held to account for its devastating consequences.”

“Anti-vaxxer” is the latest term to be admitted into the lexicon of bigoted ‘woke’ slurs. It’s a soundbite used by the nightly news to frighten you into submission – just like “racist” and “sexist” and “homophobic” and all the other slurs that proceeded it. “Shut up” is what it really says.  “Shut up” and keep your head down while the political class and elites set up programs to make a name for themselves in the name of righting historic injustices or, in this case, ‘keeping you safe’ – often without consultation with the ‘victims’ themselves.

Every minority in modern-day Australia is allowed to celebrate the success of their ancestors, except for the core European culture that created it! It’s absurd. A wealthy industrial nation with so many freedoms that the world’s oppressed fled here for asylum or at least for economic improvement is ashamed of its own achievements. Today, many of those “migrants” are updating their passports to flee back to their country of origin! And I don’t blame them. 

The Covid narrative has become so perverse that a growing number of Australians are no longer willing to put up with it. People are finding the courage to stand up for what is good in their community and that needs to be preserved.

A globalist class of elitist parasites have created the conditions for this popular uprising, like a postmodern court of Louis the 16th. They gave us the catastrophic Covid narrative that meant many Australians were, and are, unable to work to provide for their families or even visit a sick or dying relative.

Chastened by the horror of the medical experimentation inflicted on “subhumans” during the Second World War, Australia amended its constitution in 1946. Subsection 23A of the constitution states that the Commonwealth is responsible for medical services, but not “so as to authorise any form of civil conscription.” Yet, this is exactly what is happening. Australians are being conscripted to take a vaccination still in its trial phase.

Pfizer documents released under a freedom of information request revealed that in three months, from December 2000 to February 2021, there were over 142,000 adverse reactions and 1,223 deaths attributable to the vaccination program.

Despite knowing its vaccine was potentially lethal, Pfizer continued with its rollout insisting on a seventy-five-year moratorium before disclosing such adverse events. There is a higher statistical probability of dying from taking the vaccine in Australia than from Covid. The cure is worse than the cause, unless, of course, you’re using money as your measuring stick. In 2021 Pfizer’s vaccine became one of the most lucrative products in medical history.

From the outset of the pandemic, the Australian media has been complicit in terrorising and propagandising the public. Actors were paid to appear in television commercials, struggling for breath on ventilators or in ICU’s. Chinese people in hazmat suits were depicted by the state-sponsored media, falling down “dead” on the streets of Wuhan. Images of ditches being dug to bury the deceased were routinely seared into our collective imagination, as if we were reliving the ravages of the worst years of the bubonic plague.

When did Australian officials become aware of the extent of the fraud being perpetrated? In light of Pfizer’s disclosure, why are the same officials still pushing the efficacy of the vaccination program? When will such malfeasance be tried in a court of law? And are the cases of adverse reactions and deaths far exceeding those that are reported, ever be taken into account?

Junk food, cigarettes, and alcohol are responsible for many more deaths than could ever be attributed to Covid, yet the news cycle doesn’t provide a morbid statistical update on this every thirty minutes. The establishment’s allegiance to the profits generated by the pharmaceutical industrial complex is callous and hushed up, also. Too many parasites have got their snout stuck firmly in the trough. Propagandising a despotic view of the world for profit has become an existential threat to our independence.

In January, I spent a week in bed recovering from “Covid.” I had sore joints, suffered some lethargy, mild fever, as well as a loss of taste and smell. I took a retinue of vitamins and some ivermectin to get over it, but it was not that big a deal. I don’t know anyone who has died as a direct result of contracting the virus – something I would have thought impossible two years ago when watching or listening to a news report. But we ALL know people who have had bad vaccine reactions if we will only acknowledge them as such, and celebrities and sports stars all over the world are suddenly dropping dead in their 50s…

Am I allowed to admit to taking ivermectin (an award-winning pharmaceutical), even, and still be admitted to polite society? Or am I now instantly consigned to Donald Trump’s unholy alliance of “deplorables”?  

Our political masters are intent on making capital from dividing the nation. State Premiers continue to impose harsh measures in the hope of appearing decisive. They have no allegiance to the people, only globalist superstructures and a party loyalty that is destroying representative democracy as we know it. And all for what? Some parasitic and International Elite already so filthy rich on the spoils of globalism that it’s obscene.

In recognition of the growing gulf that exists between the Australian public and the institutions of State designed to protect us, the Federal Government has committed millions of extra dollars toward combating violent extremism. Ordinary Australians are being targeted as domestic terrorists. Mike Burgess, the Director-General of ASIO, says that this is one of the biggest threats facing the country. Not an out of control Deep State, but those who resist it, and try to warn other people of its existence!

All western institutions have been co-opted into promoting the “science” behind the vaccination program. “Trust the science” has become the “catchphrase” and dogma of a new secular “religion”. And yet these same people have no idea what it means to be a biological woman! Breast feeding is chest feeding that can be done by the non-birthing parent. Get ready to lockdown in the future to mitigate the effects of a changing climate – an idea already mooted in the media.

The legacy media and political and professional classes have traded off the terror created by this manufactured crisis and they should be held to account for its devastating consequences.

Many questions remain unanswered like, where did the virus originate from? Was it naturally occurring, or deliberately released from a lab as a Bioweapon? If so, for what purpose was the weapon developed? Who developed it? Is the vaccination program a precursor for the biological infrastructure necessary to create a New World Order via an already-publicised and written-about WEF agenda, The Great Reset?   

Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF, believes transhumanism is part of the fourth industrial revolution. He has stated his desire to augment human biology with artificial intelligence in two published and well-known books sent out to Western and other politicians as manuals for its implementation all over the world. The CCP’s command control economy is the perfect template for globalists intent on enslaving humanity. Authoritarian capitalism is upon us. China has implemented a system of facial recognition technology tied to a social credit score that is anathema to life in the West. But you can see its outlines appearing here already with QR Codes, mandates and vaccine passports and the moves towards a digital identity bill.

The stage is set for a showdown with potentially catastrophic consequences.

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