Labor’s “Risky Reactors” Double Standard: Nuclear Is Safe for the Navy, Not Safe for ‘Net Zero’

“Albanese’s activist administration pushes up power prices in the name of ‘climate justice.’ Meanwhile, they syphon off taxpayer dollars to fly cabinet members around in $460 million luxury jets to fight ‘climate change.'”

“Risky reactors” is the Australian Labor Party’s latest “Mediscare” con.

It’s up there with the “save TAFE” posters rolled out on cue every election and has the same banal irrelevance.

According to Chris Bowen – Minister for Climate Change and Energy – nuclear submarines are fine for the Navy, not for ‘net zero.’

The discord is real and insulting.

Labor seems to think the majority of Aussies aren’t smart enough to notice the dissonance.

While rank n’ file Laborites in Canberra bleat, howl, and demonise Peter Dutton’s nuclear proposals, South Australian Labor is asking other Australian states to help build nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy.

With one hand, they’re waving nuclear through as safe for the Navy and effective for national security.

Then with the other, they’re saying nuclear is an unsafe, and defective source of the nation’s energy.

Both cannot be true.

If Labor is lined up behind Bowen’s assertions about “risky reactors,” why are Labor okay with risking the lives of Australian defence personnel?

If Bowen’s sloganeering is to be believed, why is Labor okay with parking nuclear submarines on bases populated with people?

No. This is political fearmongering.

Bowen’s “risky reactors” is an overreaction.

The Climate Change minister’s weapon of mass distraction even appears more dislocated when juxtaposed with comments from the Prime Minister defending nuclear submarines.

Anthony Albanese “respectfully” rebuked Labor heavy-weight, Paul Keating in March last year, after Keating threw off the idea of the Navy going nuclear with AUKUS.

Keating called AUKUS and the submarine deal,

‘the “worst international decision by an Australian Labor government since Billy Hughes introduced conscription in WW1.”

That’s Keating all the way.

The Hawke era Labor statesman is pro-CCP, and considers the national defence initiative pointless because – despite their growing belligerence against Australia – “China is not a threat.”

Not to be outshone on the stage for national stupidity, Victorian Labor Premier Jacinta Allen today declared,

“nuclear energy will NEVER be part of the mix here in Victoria.”

Stigmatising nuclear power as “toxic, risky, expensive,” Allen said, her government would “stand with Victorian communities against a federal Liberal-National Coalition’s” nuclear proposals.

Allen appears aloof to how her assertions smear any future Victorians as serving on RAN nuclear submarines.

Denouncing “climate-friendly” nuclear for CCP-friendly renewables has all the tell-tale signs of political expediency.

Climate Change catastrophising keeps the activists well-fed, and Labor in bed with the Chinese Communist Party.

Nuclear-powered ‘net zero’ turns off the bloated bureaucracy’s power over the people.

This is why we’re having CCP-level propaganda shoved down our throats by the Australian Labor Party.

Much of this echoes points I made today in the Canberra Declaration, about government hypocrisy.

Albanese’s activist administration pushes up power prices in the name of “climate justice.”

Meanwhile, they syphon off taxpayer dollars to fly cabinet members around in $460 million luxury jets to fight “climate change.”

Bowen’s “risky reactors” sales pitch doesn’t gel with Labor spewing out jet fuel to ferry ministers from “climate crisis” photoshoots to “renewable energy” photo-ops.

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