Hoax Highway “Insurrection”: Biden’s Bus Bureaucrats vs. A Texas Trump Train

“Using an 1871 Klu Klux Klan law, Biden’s bus bureaucrats argue the defendants committed voter intimidation and caused ’emotional’ harm.”

Trump train Texans are fighting a free-speech lawsuit after being sued for driving past Joe Biden’s campaign bus in October 2020.

Using an 1871 Klu Klux Klan law, Biden’s bus bureaucrats argue the defendants committed voter intimidation and caused “emotional” harm.

Joeylynn Mesaros, one of the defendants said, the Biden administration is suing the Texas Trump train on an unsubstantiated civil claim.

Criminal charges include potential jail terms and fines.

The former florist and homeschooling mum’s assessment was backed by USA Today’s fact-checkers.

They said, both the event, and the driver’s intent, are unclear, devoid of context, and hard to determine.

Even the FBI appear to be scratching their head about the case’s legitimacy.

An FBI investigation triggered by Biden campaigners in 2020, appears to have dissolved into nothing.

This didn’t stop Democrats from capitalising on the optics to re-write the narrative.

Democrats claim, the Trump caravan “tried to run Biden’s campaign bus off the road.”

This is despite damning video – allegedly from inside the campaign bus  – showing Biden campaigners blocking lanes, and laughing about slamming their own vehicle into the back of Trump supporters.

As if to double-down on the dumb, Democrats then cancelled an event in Austin at the time, declaring “safety concerns.”

Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris were on board the bus at the time.

The entire saga reads like a B-grade Woke remake of Smokey and the Bandit.

Regardless of how thin the case is, the Woke White House is still adamant: Trump-supporting Texans “banded together on a public highway, like the KKK, with the intent to suppress minorities from voting.”

Other assaults on the Texas Trump train include legacy media defaming the group as white supremacists and right-wing extremists.

This was alongside their usual no-due-diligence-required-strawman: “threats to Democracy.”

The administration’s weaponizing of the 1871 Republican law, is par for the course.

Biden’s judicial weaponisation precedents include punishing pro-life advocates, and a former President.

As well as imprisoning political opponents (see here, and here).

Steve Bannon’s imprisonment is the latest.

These precedents indicate that the Texan 6 case is also politically motivated.

Joeylynn Mesaros told Breitbart, not only are Democrats targeting Trump, but they’re going after “regular people.”

Speaking with the podcast, Political Lens, Mesaros said, she gained an interest in politics after voicing support for Trump.

Her “awakening” began when some non-white friends told her to “sit in silence, and apologise for her white supremacism.”

This event and Biden’s ludicrous lawsuit set both Mesaros and her husband, Robert, upon a free-speech offensive.

Refusing to “go along to get along,” they removed their child from public school and began homeschooling.

The “Free Speech Defender” couple now speak at rallies, and run their own website advocating for First Amendment rights.

Unintimidated, the Mesaros’s battle against Biden’s bureaucracy continues.

In a GiveSendGo page set up by Mesaros in 2021, the couple recorded an administration gag order, and in March 2023 had to reset fundraising goals.

In May 2023, two of the six Trump train Texans settled and apologised.

Responding, Mesaros “doubled down,” stating, “the (20+) Biden Bus lawyers cynically leveraged their raw power against [the two] unrepresented, young defendants.”

“We are still fighting to defend free speech and aren’t throwing in the towel, whatsoever.”

Jump forward to April 2024, and the couple said, Biden’s regime was still trying to bully them into submission.

However, according to the GiveSendGo update, the court denied Biden’s Bus bureaucrats their “request to force mediation.”

The Mesaros said, “We REFUSE TO SETTLE OR APOLOGIZE for exercising our basic rights. Rather than taking the easy path, we choose to put it all on the line to stand for what’s right, even if it means we are black and blue.”

Scheduled for June 2024, their trial by jury was put back until September.

The couple wrote, “We trust God’s timing!”

“It is evident that grassroots efforts are the fuel in our tank to keep this fight going strong!”

Speaking on their behalf, Najvar law firm’s Jerad Najvar, declared the “lawsuit an egregious abuse of the judicial system.”

The whole case, he said, was based on “pitiable lies and exaggerations; their own evidence refutes their central factual claims.”

Najvar added, “My clients were sued for nothing more than driving along I-35 with their Trump, and other political flags proudly displayed on their vehicle, which they have the clear right to do.”


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