Before the Russian Distraction Completely Overtakes Us, Can We Reiterate What We Just Saw in Canada?

Don’t get distracted from what’s actually happening here at home.

Before the Russian distraction completely overtakes us, can we reiterate what we just saw in Canada?

People who donated money to a legal movement that they believed in were turned into “terrorists” at the snap of the fingers.

This was encouraged by the President of the United States.

Their property was seized, homes were raided, weapons were stolen, innocent citizens were arrested, and people’s bank accounts were simply taken away.

Just like that, political opponents became criminals worthy of the worst punishments.

This happened last week.

They did it.

They told the media not to report on it. And then they made you forget it even happened with new flashing pictures.

This is the world you are living in.

The same people who think you’re a domestic terrorist, who call you a racist, who have no regard for your freedom, are now about to demand your allegiance in foreign affairs.

Don’t get distracted from what’s actually happening here at home.

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