Bondi Tragedy Revives Debate: It’s Self-Defence vs. Quasi-Communist State

“…these laws didn’t prevent squat. It took a woman with a gun to take down an allegedly deranged man slashing people with a knife.”

Scenes from Bondi on Saturday revive a necessary national conversation on self-defence.

Australia is a nation whose excessive gun control laws negate any real effective means of deterring would-be attackers.

While the tragedy, – 18 victims: 6 dead, and 12 hospitalised – could have been worse, that there are any victims at all, shows a direct failure of the nanny state.

The toll includes Faraz Tahir, an immigrant security guard, as well as, according to Sky News, a female security guard.

They couldn’t be armed because the red tape is disruptive, costly, and overbearing.

“In many jurisdictions, carrying a firearm or other lethal weapon requires specific training and licensing,” notes Walton Security on their information page.

“Without these, a security guard is not legally permitted to carry a weapon.

“The ability of a security guard to carry a firearm is strictly regulated, and varies by location and specific job requirements.”

SecurT, another firm, adds, “Firearms may be carried by security guards when there is a high level of risk involved.

“The most obvious illustration of the requirement to carry firearms is the cash escort/carriage industry.s

“An operator of a security company must obtain a category 6 (security guard) licence to be able to possess firearms.”

According to New South Wales police, the list of requirements to meet the regulations, include:

Clause 89(2) of the Firearms Act 1996, Weapons Prohibition Act 1998, states, “a security guard who possesses a firearm must undertake, at least once each 12 months or within a longer approved period, such continuing firearms safety training courses as may be approved.”

Alongside the initial sign-up costs – which include reasonable rules on background checks – there’s the annual licencing, competency, and regulatory accreditation.

On top of this, is mandatory training at the discretion of the Commissioner, audits, and regular inspections.

This bureaucratic caste “safetyism” requirement includes non-lethal weapons and self-defence accessories.

Responding, Australian author, and former Aussie Wire contributor, Topher Field, rightly chided, “This tragedy demonstrated the tragic reality: When seconds count, the Police are only 20 minutes away.”

Most of the attackers’ victims were allegedly women.

It’s therefore bewildering to see women chanting on about “gun laws” that go as far as not allowing women to carry, and use a can of pepper spray.

I hear the gun control side. Post-Port Arthur, their points are noted.

Yet, when it comes to the government stopping Australians, like my daughters from defending themselves against unstable men, the extremes are indefensible.

Even the humble Swiss Army knife is rated as a “prohibited weapon.”

NSW police confirmed with Caldron Pool, if found, a Swiss Army knife – regardless of how small – would be confiscated.

The rules don’t end at the state stealing a person’s property.

If said person carrying the “weapon” is unable to “demonstrate recreational, or sporting reasons for possessing one,” in court, the “perpetrator” faces fines and a potential 4-year gaol sentence.

In the light of the Bondi Junction tragedy, you would be justified in asking, how these ludicrous restrictions on responsible citizens prevented the slaughter of 18 people.

The truth is, these laws didn’t prevent squat.

It took a woman with a gun to take down an allegedly deranged man slashing people with a knife.

There’s an imbalance on the scales of justice in this country because the Bureaucratic caste have their fingers on the scale.

That imbalance should, and must be corrected.

For now, it’s no Paul Blart, Mall Cops or responsibly armed, Good Samaritans please, we’re Australia, the “go along to get along,” the quasi-Communist state.

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