Nobody Expected the Transgender Inquisition!

Nobody expected the Transgender Inquisition! Nonetheless, it is well and truly underway.

Nobody expected the Transgender Inquisition! Nonetheless, it is well and truly underway. Tasmanian Liberal Claire Chandler last week warned the Senate that free speech in Australia is under threat, revealing she has been summoned by the state’s Equal Opportunity Commission to attend a ‘conciliation conference’ after a complaint was lodged over a newspaper opinion piece she authored calling for women’s sports, women’s changing rooms and women’s toilets to remain the preserve of biological women.

And just this week, radio newsreader Beth Rep was ordered by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, to pay (male identifying as female) Bridget Clinch $10,000 in compensation after ‘liking’ offensive comments about Bridget on Facebook. 

The Transgender Inquisition is international in scope. All around the world, people are being charged with heinous heresies such as ‘people cannot change sex’, ‘forced pronouns use is wrong’ ‘women have the right to single-sex changerooms’ and ‘children should not be affirmed in their hatred of their own bodies’. Notable heretics include Jordan Peterson, Jo Phoenix, Kellue-Jay Keen-Minshull, Dr Kath Murray, Harry Miller, Meghan Murphy, James Caspian, Maya Forstater and of course, J.K Rowling. 

Just like the Spanish Inquisition carried out under King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain in the late 1400s, the Transgender Inquisition aims not to persuade people of its merits, but to crush and terrify any intellectual dissent out of the people within its reach.  

Like their predecessors, the Transgender Inquisitors rely on and are satisfied with forcing a pretence of social acceptance through the law. By legally redefining sex as “gender identity”, disagreement as “hate speech” or “discrimination”, forced pronouns as “inclusion”, indoctrination of children as “education” and refusal to condone the sterilisation and mutilation of children’s bodies as “abuse”, they entirely evade the slow but civil process of persuading people of their philosophy before expecting them to submit to it.  

Whilst the Spanish Inquisition used physical torture and exile to force confessions of sinful “unbelief”, insincere retractions and degrading penance from their victims, the Transgender Inquisition employs sanitised, modern-day torture techniques such as social and political exile, financial ruin, jail and of course, the terrifying threat of removing one’s children. These modern methods have the double benefit of appearing rational and civil, whilst still being exceptionally effective at breaking the human spirit.   

Just as those medieval dissenters were destroyed or cast out, and converts heavily scrutinised and accused of practising their former ‘faiths’ in secret, so trans ‘dissenters’ are destroyed, cast out, and ‘converts’ are relentlessly screened for ‘faithfulness’ by their willingness to perform public acts of self-mortification and devotion to the trans cause. For that is what the cowardly submission to the total decimation of women’s, men’s, children’s and parent’s rights in law actually constitutes, physical and psychological humiliation.  

Just like the Inquisitors of old chose many of their victims for their land and money, with which they could personally enrich themselves, so too our modern-day Transgender Inquisitors and lobby groups are very often funded by groups who stand to make immense profits from transgender “medicines”.   

Rather than red robes and crosses, our new ‘Grand Inquisitors’ wear pronoun badges and rainbow lanyards. Rather than the ‘Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition’, we now have Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissions.  

Rather than persecuting on the basis of objective religious differences, as Senator Chandler discovered, our Grand Inquisitors go one step further and prosecute when one of their own feels ‘offended, intimidated, insulted, ridiculed or humiliated.’  

But isn’t compelled speech insulting to human dignity? Isn’t it offensive, insulting and humiliating to force women to accept, to celebrate their own erasure in law? Isn’t it an intimidation tactic to weaponise laws to force submission to your ideology? Isn’t it insulting and ridiculing to be slandered as transphobic just for disagreeing with extreme transgender ideology? 

What of the humiliation and intimidation that women and children suffer when men invade their toilets, changerooms, rape shelters, sports teams and jobs with impunity? What about the offence caused when these “stunning and brave” men are cheered on and encouraged for terrifying women and children in this way?    

What of the intimidation of parents, teachers and doctors under horrifyingly blunt anti ‘conversion therapy’ laws, which threaten criminal penalties for anyone who encourages children with gender dysphoria to try and find joy in their biological sex? 

Aren’t farcical ‘conciliation conferences’ which try to coerce insincere apologies on pain of public reprimand, fines, payouts and eventually jail, intimidating and humiliating? 

This increasingly common and blatantly deliberate taking of ‘legal’ offence where none was intended or where it should be tolerated as a matter of maturity, is a thinly veiled attempt to terrify people into silence, to squash intellectual dissent and healthy public debate.  

Thankfully, as many official and self-styled Transgender Inquisitors around the world have been discovering, modern society has tasted and seen that freedom of speech and freedom of conscience are good. And just like the Inquisitions of old, in the end, the brutal and hypocritical tactics of the Transgender Inquisition will only hasten their downfall.  

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