Biden’s Militarised IRS Inflation Act Could See Tax Collectors Target Political Opponents

“A now-deleted job description posted by the IRS plainly stated that Biden’s brigade of new tax collectors must be ‘willing to use deadly force, if necessary.’”

Bipartisan criticism of the Inflation Reduction Act, better termed the IRS inflation act, has flooded Twitter and talkback after the Democrat-backed bill passed the Senate 51-50. Vice president Kamala Harris gave the deciding vote.

The 730-page bill, designated H.R. 5376 now moves on to the house of representatives, where, if passed, will be sent to the White House for Joe Biden’s royal stamp of approval.

A breakdown of the bill from the University of Pennsylvania shows that the majority of funds will be directed towards “climate action.”

According to CNBC $300 million of the $430 million, is to be ‘earmarked for investments to curb [so-called] climate change and boost clean energy.’

The “climate justice” spending spree, U-Penn explained, will fund ‘tax rebates and credits to lower energy costs for households; tax credits, research, loans, and grants to increase domestic manufacturing capacity for wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and other essential components of clean energy production and storage.’

U-Penn said this would also include ‘tax credits to reduce carbon emissions; programs to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture; and more.’

Attached to the watered-down version of Biden’s failed, $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” bill, the proposed legislation initialises reforms to prescription drug prices, tax interest, and contains a ‘new 15% tax for corporate alternative minimum tax based on the financial statement income of corporations with at least $1 billion.’

Most notably the inflation act assigns $80 billion dollars to an IRS troop surge, which is set to increase the United States Internal Revenue Service by 87,000.

Of the $80 billion being sent to the IRS, the IRS’ Criminal Investigations (IRS-CI) department will benefit from $40 billon+ armed boots on the ground.

Although CI agents carrying guns is par for the course, concerns about the huge increase in ammunition, weapons, armour, and personnel, are well-grounded.

A now-deleted job description posted by the IRS plainly stated that Biden’s brigade of new tax collectors must be ‘willing to use deadly force, if necessary.’

With the proven overreach of Democrats in the White House, some are rightly asking whether the increase will be about enforcing the Democrats will, or enforcing American law.

Recall how Democrats used government agencies to spy on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016, target political opponents via the IRS under Obama (see here and here), and the more recent, politically motivated FBI raid on President Trump’s home in Florida.

Scepticism is warranted.

As The Daily Wire’s, Hank Berrien explained, ‘The new [IRS] hires won’t be picked on their merits alone, according to the agency, [who has stated], “Criminal Investigation Special Agents are part of a diverse workforce that mirrors the taxpaying public we serve.”

Adding legitimacy to concerns is how an increase in the IRS might increase the power and reach of two-faced, “woke” Leftist bureaucrats.

With one face they’re holding up a power-fist and screaming “defund the police,” with another face, those same “defund the police” Democrats are handing out $80 billion dollars in guns, and ammo to the IRS.

Every sane American, and foreign observer, has the right to ask, “what’s up with that?”

Widespread concerns about the IRS inflation act were summed by CEO and founder of The Federalist, Sean Davis, who declared, ‘That’s the whole point. Democrats are raising an army designed and equipped to wage war against the American people.

Georgia Republican, Marjorie Greene’s warned on Twitter, that ‘…lower to middle-income Americans & small businesses will be the primary targets of Democrat’s new IRS force.’

Green’s warning was supported by criticisms from 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, who told Fox News, “Why does the [Biden White House] need 87,000 new hires to go after 1 to 2% of all taxpayers? Their math doesn’t add up, which should be frightening and concerning because this means, they’re coming after us.”

Gabbard added, “The Criminal Division [comes] with the power of enforcement of a gun. We’ve already seen that the IRS has, like many of other federal agencies, abused their power to go after political opponents.”


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