The Woke War On Trump Targets Elon Musk

“If Monday’s raid on Mar-A-Lago was an attempt to save the hegemonic Left from a devastating defeat in this year’s mid-term elections, what it did instead, was make Donald Trump a martyr.”

Whatever your thoughts are about Donald Trump, the man, it’s the apparent weaponization of law enforcement against Donald Trump, the former President, that should outrage even the staunchest of his critics.

The FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home in Florida on Monday, stabbed a partisan precedent into the heart of America’s democracy, creating a wound from which America may never recover.

Even if JoeBama minions in the woke White House make any “conviction” stick to Trump – regardless of how thin – the optics are irreversibly bad.

For instance, the warrant for the ‘unannounced’ raid was okayed by Judge Bruce Reinhart, the same individual who is said to be an Obama donor, and to have worked on behalf of ‘several employees of the billionaire paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Newsweek added the raid was deliberately carried out while Trump was away, ‘largely on the information of an FBI informant,’ who claimed to know where, and what ‘classified documents Trump was “hiding”.’

The FBI confessing to ‘trying to avoid a media circus,’ while creating a media circus, furthers their already tainted image.

There are also reports alleging the FBI refused to let Trump’s lawyers be present during the search and reports a copy of the warrant was never handed over to the former President’s legal team.

Responses to the raid varied from an outright defence of law enforcement to the more astute reflection, exemplified by Australia’s Miranda Devine:

“This FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home is terrible for America – and it will backfire on the Dems.”

Devine’s thoughts were shared by some in the Biden administration, who ‘slammed the raid, saying that the situation backfired big time and the bureau ended up creating the very situation that it sought to avoid.’

John Leguizamo illustrated the general excitement amongst the Hollywoke plutocracy. Without offering evidence that would dismiss his defamation of Trump, the actor asserted on Twitter:

“Republicans say, ‘no president has ever been treated this way’ but no president has been so criminal like Trump!”

Quick to pick up on the suspicious nature of the raid, and the weak justifications for it, exiled evolutionary biologist, CCP-19, and Trump critic, Bret Weinstein wrote:

“I think I figured it out. When [82-year-old career Democrat] Nancy Pelosi says “no one is above the law” she means that ‘no one else is’, or possibly ‘no one on the other team is’, and because microphones don’t pick up subtext, her actual words make her sound as if she’s lying.”

Likewise, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro rightly called out the Left’s “defund the police” hypocrisy over its sudden embrace of law enforcement agencies.

In an article questioning the potential political motives, Shapiro said he struggled to find any justification for the raid, then quipped:

“[Leftists] were defunding the police five seconds ago, but now when they’re targeting [the Left’s] political opponents, [Leftists are] all in favor of it?”

Shapiro also observed:

“If there is no extraordinary basis for this raid, then what we are looking at is a crisis in American governance right now. It looks like the intelligence apparatus is being weaponized against the opponents of a political administration.”

No doubt Elon Musk, a new favourite target of leftists, is watching the event with great interest. If the reach of leftists goes as far as approving a raid on the home of their political opponents, Musk could be next.

For starters, Musk’s refusal to unionise has him at odds with the JoeBama administration. So much so, that the latter left Telsa out of finance deals for the further development of electric vehicles.

Also, Tesla is being investigated by the government for what it alleges is systemic racism within the company.

Additionally, the SEC announced in May that it was investigating Musk for using Twitter to disclose his investment in the company.

This lawfare against Musk arrived at the same time the multi-billionaire, and free speech advocate moved to liberate anti-free speech, leftist echo chamber Twitter.

The raid on a former President’s home carries with it the scent of “death to America” Democrats, still pining for some political payback over Hillary’s election loss in 2016.

“Build Back Better” Biden’s burn-it-all-down manoeuvre is at best a pyrrhic propaganda win for the Democrats. Nothing more.

By ordering former President Trump’s head-on-a-platter, Leftists have put America’s democracy on trial, and deepened the nation’s political divide.

The far-Left in control of America’s institutions have proven how little they care for any collateral damage that might get sucked into their vindictive vortex.

From the ridiculous tsunami of impeachments, hate-filled legacy media op-eds speculating in lies and fiction, right up to funding the Black Lives Matter Inc. circus, and the ‘Russiagate’ hoax, upper crust Leftists do not care about who, or what gets hurt.

The Leftist hegemony are willing to take heavy losses to their credibility; happily throwing Americans, as well as their own rank and file members under a bus for as long as the blood of sacrificial lambs can keep career politicians in power, and Trump away from an all-but-certain victory in 2024.

If Monday’s raid on Mar-A-Lago was an attempt to save the hegemonic Left from a devastating defeat in this year’s mid-term elections, what it did instead, was make Donald Trump a martyr.

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