Homosexuality was my identity

“Do not let this one issue, and I know it’s a very powerful, strong issue, but do not let this one issue prevent you from eternity with God.”

After 25 years of homosexuality, Becket said: “When I was living that gay life, and for many, many years, I was 100% sure that was my identity. I felt like I was born that way. It was my orientation; it was my identity, and I felt like it was immutable. And one of the things that also happened during that moment of conversion was I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that homosexuality was not who I was, that my identity was in Christ…”

“This is the issue — the deal breaker. Homosexuality is the deal breaker for the LGBT community when it comes to Christianity and I felt the same way. People always say, well, isn’t it unloving to say that homosexuality is a sin, and I’m like, no, it’s unloving to let people spend eternity apart from God — that’s unloving.”

Learn more of Becket’s story in the video below:

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