Abusive Discharge Practices Make Vax Victims of Wounded Vets

How Biden’s DoD is disowning America’s best.

Dishonourably discharging unvaccinated U.S. veterans has exposed broader abusive discharge practices.

Veteran advocate agency, Uniformed Services Justice & Advocacy Group (USJAG) told Epoch News, the Department of Defence’s coping mechanism for the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who return home wounded, is to pump them full of pills.

A “fill and forget” practice, made more tragic by veterans taking their own lives because they couldn’t get the proper care.

Many wounded vets suffer ‘from traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, missing limbs, burns, and more.’

The treatment protocol is circa Big Pharma, and a ‘cocktail of medications,’ which ‘can have adverse side effects resulting in behavioural issues.’

USJAG’s CEO, Nic Gray told Epoch, due to a lack of resources, wounded enlisted personnel “are taken out of the medical retirement process and moved in a chapter process to remove them from service more expediently.”

What usually takes a year, becomes a ‘two-week process.’

As a result, “these soldiers are being released from the military under less than fully honourable conditions, stripping them of medical care and financial support owed to them and their families.”

Making this practice worse, Nic Gary added, the COVID-19 vaccine mandates have gifted the DoD with an excuse to disown wounded vets.

Receiving a dishonourable, or the more likely, less-than honourable discharge (pending a tribunal review) veterans are denied access to all VA benefits (see here, here, here, and here).

In other words, if wounded service members refuse the (useless) “jab or job” fiat, they don’t get to keep veteran and healthcare benefits.

Punishment for refusing the “vax” is separation, and with it, a charge usually reserved for ‘domestic battery, murder, rape, terrorism, and drug use.’

Republicans sought to counter the bad practice in April by way of amending the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act to protect soldiers.

Newsweek said the amendments followed ‘the DoD’s statement, saying some military members may not be eligible for their veterans’ benefits after dismissal if they opt not to receive the jab.’

Also noteworthy was Ron DeSantis, who backed amending the legislation, by demanding Biden end all mandates for the U.S. Military.

These pro-vet Republican amendments were rejected by the Democrat-controlled congress.

The practice gives the DoD a way of recusing itself from the DoD’s duty of care.

Talking with Epoch, Gray explained, “The wounded are no longer the fiscal burden of the DoD. The DoD passes the buck and leaves injured service members in the hands of communities across the country without appropriate health care to treat their injuries.”

With 20 years of vets wounded in the “War on Terror,” the DoD’s alleged abusive dishonourable discharge practices potentially impact a large number of veterans.

Aside from those issued a general discharge by the Air Force, Congressman Brian Mast counted at least 3,350 soldiers (the equivalent of 3 battalions) who ‘faced the boot for exercising their rights to medical freedom and privacy.’

This was highlighted by USJAG’s example ‘of an Army soldier, whose only infraction was his refusal to take the COVID-19 vaccine for fear of blood clotting because of documented, underlying health concerns.’

The soldier was hit with the charge “commission of a serious offense,” then lined up for separation, until Army brass reversed direction. 

If what the USJAG alleges is ‘just the tip of the iceberg,’ the Biden administration, and the DoD are disowning America’s war wounded.

Just as the left-leaning ACLU did, when it, like many unions, backflipped on being hard defenders of civil liberties by backing the “vax or the axe” mandates in September last year.

Screenshot of ACLU claiming vaccine mandates do not compromise civil liberties but further them.

Slamming the anti-informed consent mandate, and related abusive discharge practices, Nic Gray told Epoch News:

“The magnitude of malfeasance and medical malpractice by the DOD is beyond disturbing. This goes well beyond the vaccine mandate and into other disturbing areas of concern across all branches of the military.”

The “vaccine” mandates are not the only way the DoD can abuse dishonourable discharges.

Given the ‘fill and forget pills’ practice, should wounded serving members have adverse effects, such as behavioural issues from the meds pumped into them, those vets could find themselves being pushed out the door, as the United States administration conveniently wipes its hands of America’s wounded warriors.

Somewhat supporting this, law firm, CCK Ltd, explained, Veterans have long reported misuse of OTH discharge (less than honourable) in cases where the soldier’s misconduct was related to war-related wounds such as PTSD, and TBI.

Describing the DoD disowning its wounded warriors as the ‘valley of death,’ Nic Gray told Epoch News, the abusive discharge practices were a ‘death sentence,’ because they all too often add to the veteran suicide epidemic.

In response, Gray and USJAG are working on Abandoned, a documentary set for release in 2023.

The film is designed to expose these abusive discharge practices, the corruption, and the intentions behind the praxis.

Working alongside this is the USJAG’s Advocacy Defense Fund, which was created to help ‘those being denied medical retirement and subject to a less-than-honourable discharge due to the COVID vaccine mandate.’

USJAG’s actions add to Caldron Pool’s ongoing coverage recording the mistreatment of veterans by authoritarian COVID overreach.

Such as Navy Seals being forced to live in squalor for asserting legitimate faith-based objections to the “vaccines.”


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