DeSantis to Biden: End the CCP-19 Medical Mandates for the U.S. Military

“Why should people choose between a job they need and a shot they don’t want?”

Ron DeSantis has issued his strongest disagreement yet with the Biden administration’s “vaccine” mandates.

The Governor of Florida, who banned medical mandates, and refused to take part in the global totalitarian lockdown trend, spoke out on behalf of American military personnel in a speech warning investors about the dangers of Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) schemes.

ESG is, in essence, a “Green” social credit score system used by woke corporatists to measure corporate compliance with the Left’s one-eyed catastrophic Climate Change political narrative.

The Governor hammered Biden’s crippling COVID mandates, dedicating the first three-minutes of his speech, to asking:

“Joe got COVID, after how many boosters?  Yet he still insists on imposing vax mandates through the federal government. They’ve kicked people out of the military based on these COVID shots; and they’re trying to kick people out of the national guard around the country based on these.”

Biden needs to admit he got it wrong, DeSantis said, adding, that the mandate policies need to be reversed.

Padding his reasons, the potential 2024 presidential candidate appealed to Biden’s own infection, despite being triple-vaccination experience, stating,

“So, you know these shots where you take all these boosters and still get infected; there’s no justification to impose those mandates.

“Let people earn a living! Why should people choose between a job they need and a shot they don’t want? That is not a choice that we put to them in Florida. We don’t make people make that choice. We protect their right to make these decisions, and, so, I think the military people that have been fired should be rehired.

“It’s just wrong to be marginalizing all these folks. Let’s get real here [these mandates] are not something that is based on evidence or based on science it’s based on exercising power over other people.”

DeSantis’ words followed hot on the heels of Congressional Leftists, who just last week, blocked moves by Republicans to end “Build-Back-Better” Biden’s “vaccine” mandates for the United States military.

Recruitment for the United States Armed Forces is at decades low levels, with the trend showing no signs of improving.

Sympathising with widespread concerns about reasons for low recruitment numbers, DeSantis blamed both Biden’s woke agenda, and the “vaccine” mandates, telling those gathered:

“There is no justification to impose those mandates on anybody. Some of these people in the military have just been treated so horribly, this is just wrong.”

DeSantis’ speech was also an opportunity for the father of three to reassert his parental rights policies designed to protect kids against sexualisation, such as LGBTQ+ PRIDE “Drag Queen hour.”

The battle between Biden and DeSantis has been heating up in recent months with the President telling a room full of teachers in May that American kids belong to them.

Biden’s remarks were a passive-aggressive attack on DeSantis’ policies which removed Critical Race Theory from, and limited the influence of LGBTQ+ism in, Florida’s classrooms.

America’s growing distaste for a Woke White House, along with Biden’s polarisation of the American people is reflected in the growing popularity of DeSantis.

This new verbal stoush between the two leaders is a pre-cursor to the 2024 election, where “death to America” Democrats, barring another orchestrated Deus Ex Machina win, look certain to earn themselves a massive defeat.

Watch the full speech here:

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