Biden Attacks DeSantis in Speech Telling Parents “Your Kids Belong to Us!”

“They’re not someone else’s children. They’re our children. They’re all our children […] They’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

In a speech pre-empting teacher appreciation week in the United States, Joe Biden has told a room full of American teachers that American kids belong to them.

Crediting teachers for making a “fundamental difference in his life,” the President told a group of elite educational professionals they should “help students see themselves in [their teachers].”

The President added, “You’re expected to do everything. You’re expected to not only teach, you’re expected to be a guidance counsellor yourself, but you’re also expected to deal with the problems that they have at home.” 

He later asserted, and repeated the statement: “They’re not someone else’s children. They’re our children. They’re all our children […] They’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

The Democrat president also took a quick dig at Trump over “student debt forgiveness.”

Biden then followed that up with a covert criticism of Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

Last month, the De Santis administration removed maths curriculum tainted by Critical Race Theory, under a continuing fight for parental rights in education.

Florida’s Department of Education rejected what it called ‘problematic instructional material,’ in April, posting examples on its website.

Utilising the opportunity to gripe back, Joe Biden, the cancel culture affiliated President said:

“Today, there are too many politicians trying to score political points, trying to ban books — even math books.  I mean, did you ever think — even you younger teachers — did you ever think, when you’d be teaching, that you’d be worried about book burnings and banning books, all because it doesn’t fit somebody’s political agenda?”

The career politician, turned President’s speech was another sales pitch reminding tax-paying Americans of his $1.9-trillian dollar, “American rescue plan” – a heavy-handed response to the consequences of heavy-handed COVID-19 policies.

Of the $1.9T, $130 billion is slotted in for educators.

Biden’s stated purpose for the plan is to fight “climate change,” add jobs, and ‘advance racial equity,’ as well as ‘build a bridge towards economic recovery and invest in racial justice.’

A Whitehouse information sheet explained the correlation between COVID recovery and racism, as ‘intergenerational inequities’ – (carefully note, not inequality) – made worse by the Communist Chinese virus.

What this allows the Biden Whitehouse to do is funnel money for COVID into a Quixotism fight against “systemic racism.”  As espoused by Black Lives Matter Inc. which holds to the intersectional Marxist falsehood: “all white people are racist.”

Nowhere in the speech does Biden explain how his administration taking someone’s livelihood, and cancelling their right to informed consent, fits with the definition of “rescuing” the American people from poverty, disadvantage, discrimination, and governmental abuse of power.

The speech was jam-packed with this kind of typical, meaningless, self-negating woke supremacist double-talk.

On one hand, Biden criticises the abuse of power by the government, then lauds his vaccine mandates for the industry as “rescue.”

There was no mention of the “vaccine’s” victims, or how the rescue plan “rescues” them.

Couple this with an irreconcilable anecdote Biden uses to illustrate the ‘abuse of the power [as] the greatest sin,” with the Democrat lockdowns, and the firing of teachers for not being vaccinated.

Like a scene straight from the script of a b-grade zombie apocalypse movie, teachers mindlessly applauded Biden for highlighting the importance of their profession, while also applauding his punishing, “no jab, no job” mandates.

These are mandates which inhumanely discard “unvaccinated” teachers as non-essential, for breaching “codes of conduct” with the unfair charge of gross misconduct.

Adding to contradictions within the speech, Biden promised more taxpayer funds, wooing teachers with: “we should have your back […] it’s not enough to give you praise, we ought to give you a raise.”

The dissonance is palpable.

For a speech dressed up to sound sympathetic, it lacked both logic and sympathy.

Importantly, if Biden’s attack on Ron DeSantis was manufactured in such a way as to undermine DeSantis’ fight for parental rights in education, the manoeuvre has had the opposite effect.

Rather than undermine DeSantis, Biden’s preaching from the Hilary Clinton ‘It takes a Village’ dogma, brings home the value in De Santis’ countering the far-left’s attempt to institutionalise falsehoods like, “systemic racism,” “abortion is healthcare,” “all white people are racist,” and “there are more than two genders.”

Biden’s, “they’re not somebody else’s children; they’re like yours when they’re in the classroom,” ratifies De Santis’ transparent emphasis on education over indoctrination.

The kind of ideology reflected in Biden’s (let’s face it, snarky) remarks not only presents a red flag, but it also places a lot of unnecessary pressure on teachers.

Biden’s words strongly encourage another manifestation of COVID-19’s liberty-killing, Government over God.

Rallying against criticism of Biden, PolitiFact played “fact-check” defence for the elderly President.

They interpreted Biden to mean, ‘the nation’s future depends on the successful education of American children — not those children belong to their teachers.’

PolitiFact neglected to acknowledge that it was Biden’s education secretary, Miguel Cardona who requested the National School Boards Association write a letter to Biden calling parents opposed to woke curriculum, “domestic terrorists.” (See also here and here).

Regardless of intent, the vocation of teaching was never meant to replace the vocation uniquely given by God to mums and dads.

Teachers – and the role of government – should NEVER be allowed to play a surrogate role.

Subsidiary, yes. Substitutionary, never!


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