Navy Seals Forced to Live In Squalor for Refusing Vax Mandate

“The mandate is clearly not about readiness, it is about compliance, even if it violates a service member’s sincerely held faith.”

Elite United States Naval personnel have been forced to live in squalor after asserting faith-based objections to the so-called COVID “vaccines.”

In a press release on August 30, Republican Senator for Oklahoma, James Lankford relayed testimony of sailors being ‘transferred to living quarters covered in mould, sewage, and with no access to clean or running water.’

“One sailor testified to organisms living in the stagnant water that surrounds her bathroom,” Lankford added.

The pro-informed consent representative urged a quick remedy, appealing to the DOD to end its unconscionable actions, stating:

“As each day passes, the COVID-19 vaccine is more irrelevant and the mandate is more oppressive. The mandate is clearly not about readiness, it is about compliance, even if it violates a service member’s sincerely held faith.”

Lankford referred to photos revealing the ‘unliveable conditions,’ then asserted that the Biden administration’s punishment of servicemen and women was the act of ‘an authoritarian and abusive government, which falls far below the standard of the military of the greatest nation on earth.’

Linking to photographic evidence on Twitter, he declared:

“Just when I thought mistreatment of service members w/ religious objections to the vaccine couldn’t get worse—it has. DoD continues to ignore my outreach—but reports that conditions worsened demand response. Lack of care for service members is unacceptable.”

For context, the Supreme Court ruled against 26 Navy Seals, and nine Special Warfare service members in March, throwing out an earlier ruling by a District Court in Texas that halted the mandated “medical” treatment.

As Caldron Pool reported in September 2021, nearly a ‘quarter or more of all active-duty SEALs had been threatened with suspension if they failed to submit to a compulsory jab.’

Hope arrived in January, when Texas Judge, Reed O’Connor froze “Build Back Better” Biden’s vicious mandate, stating:

“Our nation asks the men and women in our military to serve, suffer, and sacrifice. But we do not ask them to lay aside their citizenry and give up the very rights they have sworn to protect.”

In response, the Biden administration issued a formal protest packaged as an “emergency,” quietly demanding the supreme court overrule the injunction.

The administration’s demand threw in the CCP-19 “vaccine” with 9 other time-tested proper vaccines that military personnel are required to receive. Even though there are exemptions for personnel with faith-based moral objections.

Justice Clarence Thomas was among three chief justices to dissent, with Trump appointee, Justice Brett Kavanaugh concurring on the basis of “military preparedness.”

Kavanaugh added that the Supreme Court was not the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, arguing:

“In light of that bedrock constitutional principle, “courts traditionally have been reluctant to intrude upon the authority of the Executive in military and national security affairs […] The Court “should indulge the widest latitude” to sustain the President’s “function to command the instruments of national force, at least when turned against the outside world for the security of our society.” (PDF)

In their joint dissent, Justice Alito with Justice Gorsuch fired back, asserting:

“By rubberstamping the Government’s request for what it calls a “partial stay,” the Court does a great injustice to the 35 respondents […] These individuals appear to have been treated shabbily by the Navy, and the Court brushes all that aside. I would not do so, and I therefore dissent.” (ibid, p.4)

SCOTUSblog explained that a big part of the objections from over two-dozen Navy Seals concerned precedent.

The Seals argued ‘that what the ‘Navy really wanted was “permission to engage in hostile tactics designed to coerce” the SEALs “into disregarding their religious beliefs.’

Supporting this reasoning, ‘the Navy has not “granted a single request for religious accommodation for any servicemember, yet it has granted hundreds of non-religious exemptions.”

In still relevant remarks from October 2021, Tucker Carlson spoke with the Seal group’s legal representative, General Counsel Mike Berry, describing the apparent tactic as a vetting strategy to denounce dissenters who refused to put government over God:

“By forcing this you get to find out who sincerely believes in God, and then you know you know their names. At that point, you can expel them using the pretext of the vaccine.”

Mike Berry agreed, arguing:

“That’s exactly what’s going on […] the DOD has come right out and said they don’t intend on granting or approving any of those religious exemption requests across any of the branches.”

According to his clients, the Navy was planning on removing Special Warfare pins from Seal team members, in an effort “to start punishing people for” refusing the vax for faith-based reasons.

Berry said:

“These Navy Seals have been told that even if their [religious exemption] is ultimately approved, they’re going to be removed from the Navy SEAL Community.” 

Closing out the interview, Carlson issued a rhetorical reprimand of Churches, slamming them for their silence on the issue by stating:

“Where does the madness stop? Where are Christian leaders? Where are the leaders of the Methodist, or Lutheran, or Episcopal denominations, Catholic Church? Why aren’t they defending Christians who are being persecuted for their beliefs?”

“If you are a leader in one of those churches,” he said, “and you’re not defending these guys – and millions like them – why don’t you go do something else? Maybe work at Arby’s? Do something useful with your life.”


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