YouTube Removes Joe Rogan’s Interviews With Dr Robert Malone & Dr Peter McCollough

“Not allowing legitimate alternative scientific thought from the ‘narrative’ on COVID should make everyone wake up.”

YouTube has removed Joe Rogan’s interview with mRNA inventor Dr. Robert Malone as well as his December 17 interview with Dr. Peter McCollough.

Malone was perma-banned by Twitter last week after the pro-CCP-19 censorship, big tech firm moved against the pro-informed consent physician.

Over the course of the past two years, Dr. Malone has been a relentless advocate for clear thinking over against propaganda, political smokescreens, and the political take-over of medicine.

Ergo, the doctor was bound to be marked by the COVID cabal as a high-value target (HVT).

Aside from Dr. Malone’s accusations against Pfizer, The Post Millennial hinted that YouTube’s decision to censor the Malone interview may have been made after the doctor:

“…drew parallels between current American society and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, when the Nazis came into power, saying American society is developing a “mass formation psychosis.”

The same possible reasons apply to the video-sharing platform’s censoring of Dr. McCollough.

He was the first to publicly use the term “mass psychosis” in order to frame and identify the bewildering applause for democracy killing global reactions to the Wuhan COVID-19 virus.

Other reasons for the HVT censorship could be that Dr. Malone’s now-viral backing of Dr. McCollough’s “mass psychosis” diagnosis rips off the veil concealing CCP-19 “new normal” masquerades.

This line of thought is supported by Brett Weinstein:

“By suspending @RWMaloneMD, Twitter is declaring war on the public and the scientific process.”

Additionally, this unmasking gives way to a greater awakening.

The two doctors are likely to have a bigger impact on discerning voters than the 2020/2021 first and second seasons of the petty tyrant clown show.

A show that sits next to cringe uploads of carefully choreographed doctors and nurses dancing for Tik Tok videos in the midst of an apparent medical emergency; and is connected to high-powered bureaucrats issuing edicts that did not hurt their own incomes but shattered the incomes of those they’re paid to represent.

Ironically, the unavoidable downside for big tech is that censorship in favour of a politically approved narrative further supports reasons to question this “new normal.”

As summed up by Tim Young:

“YouTube removing the Malone interview with Joe Rogan should be enough for everyone to know they’re trying to hide something. Not allowing legitimate alternative scientific thought from the ‘narrative’ on COVID should make everyone wake up.”

In the end, this form of censorship is narrative damage control, not just crowd control.

Dr. Malone has been a sane voice in a sea of noisy backflips, blatant inconsistencies, oppressive bureaucratic ineptitude, and vile double standards.

His evidence-based reasoning was making too much sense. Hence the scramble to censor.

Socio-political commentators, The Hodgetwins were among the first to alert Malone and Rogan listeners to the move.

The only response from Joe Rogan appears to be a silent protest. He announced today that he’s joined GETTR, telling his audience in another tweet to join him.

With Rogan’s help, Drs. Malone and McCollough illegitimise the unjust COVID-19 political narrative. They offer a just justification to the groundswell of freedom protests igniting around the globe.

See Jonathon Witt’s “cliff notes” version of Rogan’s entire interview with Malone for more.

May the truth burn through to be seen.

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