Big Tech Scrambles to Axe Joe Rogan’s Bioethics Talk With Dr. Peter McCollough

Mass Psychosis is the Pandemic’s Epidemic

The ongoing support for democracy killing global reactions to CCP-19 can be pinned down to mass psychosis.  

Defined as “an epidemic of madness that occurs when a large portion of society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions,” mass psychosis is the domain of cultism.

Loosely attached to “mass hysteria,” mass psychosis explains why billions have turned against family, faith, friends, bioethics, science and freedom.

Mass psychosis primarily explains why many in the above category are falling in, saluting, then goosestepping in unison with the one-eyed prescriptions of a protected class of “experts” without question.

This was the diagnosis made by Dr. Peter McCullough in his recent talk with Joe Rogan.

Rogan’s two-and-a-half-hour interview with the courageous Doctor features real questions, met with compellingly profound answers.

Rogan doesn’t give McCollough an easy ride.

For every viewpoint, Rogan brings up a counter-point argument. Against which McCollough – who was clearly impressing Rogan with his responses – held his ground.

Further topics included Faucism, the ban on treating and exploring treatments for COVID-19 patients, censorship, vaccines, and COVID survivability actual, versus the false narratives fuelled by propaganda.

Such as the false claim that COVID-19 is now a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

The interview sets Dr. McCollough up as the antidote to Fauci and the fanatical Faucism movement built-up around him.

To prove this, browse the unusually large number of cringe gifs on Instagram’s story options portraying Fauci as a medical messiah, such as: “I got my Fauci ouchie,” “thank God it’s Fauci,” and “Fauci is my COVID-pilot.”

Unlike the hate-Trump, Fauci-is-lord movement, it’s not the man, it’s the uncensored facts Dr. McCollough brings to the table for the ears of the public.

Rogan and McCollough are taking a huge risk. It’s not rare to hear of doctors being threatened with deregistration if they refuse to be tight-lipped about COVID treatments and adverse reactions to the symptom inhibitor drugs dressed up as “vaccines.”

It’s this hindrance of medical science, and the political intimidation of doctors, by the current political establishment, which makes Dr. McCollough’s words, what I would call a history-making paradigm shift.

He isn’t speaking for himself. He’s speaking in the interests of doctors, medical science, and for the preservation of the doctor/patient relationship.

For instance, McCollough explained to Rogan how there are 300 medical schools in the United States, yet “not a single hospital has their own unique protocols to treat COVID-19.”

He said:

“They don’t have a single individual idea. None of them have treated COVID patients to prevent hospitalisation or death…where are the public symposiums? … Suddenly, our best and our brightest our out of intellectual ammo.”

Dr. McCollough recounted how experts had planned for a “SPARS-CoV” pandemic in 2017 but weren’t “expecting one until 2025.”

The source is Johns Hopkins University’s, ‘The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028.’

This plan included an admission that any likely vaccine will be administered without long-term safety data.

The plan also shows a pre-planned response which regards anyone raising concerns about the “vaccines” as ignorant of scientific research, and as acting as an “anti-vaccinator” in the interest of the “anti-vax” movement.  

Also mentioned, social media “misinformation”, government compensation for vaccine victims, and a ‘liability shield protecting pharmaceutical companies’ against vaccine injuries. (p.59-60)

The rejection of fictional drugs which could treat a fictional SPARS-CoV patient are eerily similar to how medical advocates of Zinc + HCQ, and Ivermectin, like Dr. Peter McCollough, have been rejected.

This pandemic response pre-empted by the Hopkins 2017 hypothetical outbreak seems to be the playbook for 2020 and beyond. 

McCollough, in his dialogue with Rogan, thus states, “The elements of the mass psychosis were clearly planned.”

McCollough isn’t anti-vaccine. He’s had more than two shots, and vaccinations are pillar four in his ‘Four pillars of Pandemic Response.’

This said he argues that further evidence of mass psychosis can be seen by the one-eyed vaccination solution pushed by governments who refuse, some even outlaw, the possibility of there being an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Dr. McCollough asserted, “treat this sick, win the battle against COVID.”

Referring to natural immunity, he said, “you can’t catch COVID twice.”

Asked why there was a cover-up, McCollough responded, authorities are “stakeholders in the vaccine rollouts, which is why they are telling people who’ve had COVID-19 to get vaccinated.”

“Remember, the vaccines are research, they investigational research, and so nobody can encourage somebody to take a vaccine. That violates the Nuremberg Code. Can’t do it. Research is neutral. As a doctor I can never tell somebody they should take the COVID-19 vaccine. Why? Same reason I can’t tell them they should be in my research study…We never give any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for participating in research. It violates the Nuremberg Code.”

To those pushing the vaccines, McCollough said, “on bioethics, they will be held accountable. You can’t do that. No good doctor can… Good doctors don’t coerce.”

McCollough gives equal air-time to the success of the vaccines, and adverse injuries, such as myocarditis, and deaths.

On one side this was exampled by his own vaccination status, and the assertion that the “vaccines” “provide modest protection against hospitalisation and death.”

On the other, McCullough’s unapologetic comments about how the “vaccines” have not yet proven to be “safe and effective,” despite the propaganda.

Expanding on his argument for the existence of mass psychosis, McCollough told Rogan of how he had some strong and healthy people from his social circle visit him at home in March, telling him: 

“We took the vaccines. We’re safe! Listen, I’m kinda concerned by March we’re at 1,200 deaths.” The man responded, “what are you talking about? We vaccinated 60 million people. 1,200 deaths: a small price to pay.”

Dr. McCollough said:

“I continued that thought in my mind: small price to pay for the Aryan race! That is the type of thinking that comes into people’s minds. Driven out of fear; driven out of mass psychosis, they say, “listen, I took the shot. I took a risk, if it kills somebody else, I. don’t. care!”

He then told Rogan (who appeared to agree that numbers were being underreported):

“And that was March. We’re now at 18,000 deaths. With 30,000 disabled because of the vaccines, and 250,000 visits to the ER and other healthcare encounters related to the vaccines. This is VAERS, certified by the CDC.” (Spotify timestamp, 1:27:00-1:30:00)

The podcast ends with information about the huge success of monoclonal antibody treatments, why those treatments are being suppressed and why early treatment of COVID-19 in patients was “essential.”

He convincingly argued that CCP-19 responders want to “suppress anything that would cause vaccine hesitancy. Such as treatments, or the hope of treatments.”

To which, he adds, “people are under a trance with these vaccines…There is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship in COVID-19.”

Inadvertently proving Dr. McCollough’s homerun mass psychosis diagnosis, Big Tech is censoring the interview, and blocking accounts who share sound bites from it.

Riding rising criticism of McCollough, Quillette’s Claire Lehmann asked:

“Why would Big Pharma™ suppress successful treatments when the profits to be made from them would dwarf those from vaccines by several orders of magnitude?”

Firing back, one Twitter user offered this sharp quip, “You can sell vaccines forever. You can only sell a cure once.”

For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

Interview audio and video are currently available on Spotify.

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