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Schools ‘forget’ girls in rush to adopt pro-trans policies: ‘They’ve done it without considering girls’

Scottish councils have widely backed new guidelines being pushed by LGBTQ activists campaigning for the “rights” of transgender children. The guidelines tell teachers that trans students should be allowed to undress in the change room of their own choosing.

The guidelines also go on to suggest, “there is no reason for parents or carers of the other pupils to be informed.” But as if often the case with “trans-rights,” it’s girls who will be impacted most.

According to The Herald Scotland, “none of the councils involved, nor the children’s commissioner, nor Education Scotland have carried out an equality impact assessment to ensure the rights and wellbeing of other pupils are unaffected. This means the impact on other students has not been taken into account.”

Feminist campaigner and mother Jess Stewart said she recognises the need to support transgender children, but councils are failing to consider the ramifications of this move.

“They’ve done it without considering girls,” Ms Stewart said. “Girls are absolutely negatively affected by this. It is important to raise awareness of transgender children but putting a transgender girl in a changing room with 30 other girls isn’t proportionate.”

“They should at least have looked at the possible fall out from putting a male-bodied person in changing rooms which are being used by 14, 15 and 16 year old girls.”


THE rights of Scottish schoolgirls are being undermined by rules allowing pupils to adopt a different gender and share changing rooms, it has…


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