Refreshing New Kids Allegory ‘The Pauper’s Robe’ Is Dressed for Success

“The Pauper’s Robe is rich in Biblical truth.”

The Pauper’s Robe, Baxter and Cooper Publishing, is a new arrival on the Australian Christian kids’ book scene.

The 33-page allegory takes readers aged 7-12 on the journey of Baden, a small lumberjack, ridiculed, and maligned for both his lowly vocation and ragged appearance.

Rejected by the town, Baden receives an invitation to attend a feast from the just King of the Kingdom of Light.

When the little lumberjack tries to upgrade to more kingly appropriate attire, the town shuts its doors.

No store will serve someone with tattered clothes, and a clear lack of position, wealth, and status.

Dismayed, Baden returns home.

This is when he decides to deliver wood to the castle. By doing so, he can at least catch a glimpse of the King.

Watching the Kings men reject one well-dressed, presumed deserving person after the next, Baden shirks back, noticing the King was heading his way.

Much to the chagrin of those lined up, stepping off His throne, the just King moves towards Baden. He then asks him why he should be allowed to enter the feast.

Mocked by onlookers, and trembling, Baden still dressed in rags, expresses his unworthiness.

Picking the shabby clothed lumberjack out of the entitled crowd, the King proclaims,

“It does not matter what you have done, what you have or own, and it does not matter who you are. What matters is not just that you know me, but that I know you.”

In an act of reversal, it’s the pompous town who finds themselves rejected.

Neither position, wealth, status, nor appearances could grant them access to the just King, or entry to His banquet.

Rejected by the World, Baden is embraced by the King.

The Pauper’s Robe is rich in Biblical truth.

Communicating the essence of Jesus’ Lazarus and the Rich Man. As well as His parables in Matthew 22 and 25, the King wraps Baden in royal clothes, telling the lumberjack, “many are called, few are chosen.”

Hand-in-hand with the Gospels, author Timothy Davis, who is founder, and Pastor of Highlands Reformed Church in East Bowral, New South Wales, rests on Paul’s assertions about the transformative power of grace.

Such as 2 Corinthians 12:9, ‘God’s grace is sufficient, for when I am weak, then I am strong.’

Employing the artistic genius of his brother, Ben Davis – renowned, Caldron Pool, and The Spectator Australia illustrator – Timothy Davis’ The Pauper’s Robe is a fresh Christian allegory, reflecting the Reformed tradition.

The father of five’s kids’ book is a sound alternative to well-worn classics like the Veggie Tales’ story A Snoodles Tale, and Max Lucado’s bestseller, You Are Special.

Unlike the latter two, The Pauper’s Robe lacks ambiguity.

Alongside the professional artwork, font, and the overall presentation, this book’s strength is its theological clarity.

What the brothers’ Davis have offered here, is a highly professional, quality children’s product, worthy of shelf space alongside Australia’s prolific, Christian kids’ educator, Colin Buchannan, Justyn Walker, and Andrew McDonough, creator of the Lost Sheep series. 

The Pauper’s Robe is currently available online via The Reformers Bookshop.

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