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WATCH: Young children shocked as kids’ performance features vulgar male striptease

Two adult males have performed a vulgar striptease for young children attending the recent annual Barcelona La Mercè Festival.

The show, which was sponsored by the City Council of Barcelona, was reportedly part of the children’s programming and took place during broad daylight on the Lluís Companys Promenade.

The footage shows the shock and horror on the faces of the children watching as one of the men turns his behind towards the youngsters and removes his pants. The children are seen cringing and covering their faces as the next male then proceeds to do the same.

Popular Party Councilor, Oscar Ramírez Lara uploaded footage of the ‘performance’ on social media, describing it as ‘shameful.’

“It was a striptease for all audiences, including children,” Ramírez Lara said. “We will ask [Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona] for explanations and responsibilities about this performance in Paseo Lluís Companys. Shameful!”

Yet again we see “art” and “performance” used as an excuse to exploit and expose children to things which might otherwise land a person in jail.

WATCH (Warning: Adult Content):

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