NSW Set to Mandate Unlimited Booster Shots Under Vague “Stay up to Date” COVID-Smart Edicts

“Minister Mitchell refused to rule out a quadruple vaccination employment mandate for NSW teachers.”

One Nation’s Mark Latham has confirmed that the New South Wales government is pursuing booster mandates.

In his short Twitter thread responding to a Daily Telegraph exclusive, the honourable member of the NSW legislative council explained:

“This story was in response to my question to the Education Minister on the notice paper. Minister saying that boosters are due after 3 months. Does this mean 4th and 5th employment mandates by the end of 2022? Where does it end?”

Latham continued:

“In answer to my question (8130) Minister Mitchell refused to rule out a quadruple vaccination employment mandate for NSW teachers. When will we return to the basic human/labour-law right that workers are in charge of their own health choices, not their bosses (like Mitchell)?”

COVID-19 “vaccine” mandates were forced onto the citizens of New South Wales in September last year.

The same “vaccine” mandates did not apply to politicians (The Guardian). 

ATAGI, Australia’s advisory group on immunisation, last week moved the goalposts, replacing the term “unvaccinated” with the more ambiguous “up to date.”

Acting with Morrison’s National Cabinet approval, any person 16 or over with a booster shot will ‘be now considered’ fully “vaccinated” against COVID-19.

The ambiguity is deliberate. This allows for an indefinite number of booster shots, with ATAGI suggesting: “only five more will be necessary to flatten the curve.”

Breaking the news on mandated booster shots, the Daily Telegraph reported: “NSW Teachers are set to face strict booster mandates after Education Minister Sarah Mitchell revealed all school-based staff would be required to have a third dose of Covid vaccination.”

The Daily Telegraph said, “Vaccinations were a “core part of the Department of Education’s Covid-smart strategies.”

All Minister Mitchell is waiting for is approval from NSW Health Minister, Boomer, Brad “the Bully” Hazzard.

The boosters were announced weeks ago by a clearly rattled Premier, who appeared reluctant to announce the news.

The delay appears to be because not everyone in the LNP agrees with Brad Hazzard.

The NSW health minister has been a militant proponent of draconian COVID policies since at least September 2021.

In late January, Hazzard (allegedly) attacked Nationals Deputy leader, Bronnie Taylor – who is by order of rank, Hazzard’s superior – for being opposed to maintaining COVID-19 restrictions.

In response, Hazzard is said to have ‘loudly and aggressively undermined her’ for her dissenting viewpoint.

The Australian reported that the Premier had to discipline Hazzard for ‘engaging in a “humiliating” verbal attack on a senior female colleague.

With restrictions in NSW being lifted, the New South Wales Education Minister is operating from outdated political narrative long dressed up as medical advice.

Given the existing, and past data on COVID, there never was, and there still is no justification for the “vax or the axe” cancellation of civil liberties. Such as the removal of the right to informed consent.

Simply argued: the survivability for most people is still in the 99.97 percentile.

It was 99.97% before, during and after, Alpha, Delta, Mu and Omicron.

It was 99.97% before the state reached 93% of the 95% “vaccinated” target set by the NSW government last year.

This data hasn’t changed.

It makes no medical sense to continue to militantly force this questionable medical procedure into the arms of an increasingly worn, better informed and wary population.

The optics are bad for the Perrottet government, and could significantly undermine Scott Morrison’s hopes of re-election.

This obsession over boosters shoots down the “safe and effective” propaganda.

Not ruling out indefinite booster shots, is the same as not ruling out more lockdowns. This sends the message to discerning voters that NSW has a government with no clue as to where it’s going.

It’s this uncertainty, and timidity that’s hurting businesses and workers.

Business is not suffering because of COVID. It’s suffering because of maniacal government policies in response to COVID.

Government co-dependency on boosters betrays a massive lack of confidence in the initial so-sold, “$afe and effective” “vaccines.”

Further, there still is no information on the long-term health risks of the “vaccines.” Nor is there any related information on adverse side effects regarding the booster shots.

This is season 3 of COVID’s poorly written political theatre, scripted to satisfy the COVID cult worshippers who’ve fractured our nation and sought to be our “only source of truth” since 2020.

It’s the same old melodramatic totalitarianism now digging its power-hungry heels in, desperately trying to survive the COVID-19 political narrative cave-in.

The New South Wales LNP are chasing an ill-wind if they think that taking cues from the dictates of wanna-be El Presidente leftists in Western Australia, Victoria, and Canada, is the best way to move on from COVID.

Maniacal COVID-19 government policies are fast becoming political poison. Mandating boosters is, therefore, political suicide.

This pandemic is (inferred Gemma Tognini in the West Australian) now a ‘pandemic of fear’ propped up by politics, for politicians, by politicians.

Tognini added, “forcing illogical rules on a population that can see straight through them is a fool’s game.”

“Trust,” she wrote, “is damn near impossible to repair once it’s broken, and you don’t fix it at the point of a gun.”


Booster mandates are political, not medicinal.

I’m seeing and hearing a lot more open opposition on the ground to the booster than I ever heard for the initial two “vaxxes.”

If the NSW government moves forward with this booster mandate, the LNP are committing to a slow death, by lethal injection.

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