Sectarian Voting Blocs Are Proof Multiculturalism Has Failed

“Ironically, the multicultural destruction of the West ends in the desecration of the last refuge for life, light, and liberty.”

Nigel Farage is doubling down on warnings of a sectarian political takeover.

Significant local Muslim and Marxist electoral wins in the United Kingdom prompted the call.

Commenting on Muslims shouting “Free Palestine” “Allah Akbar,” and threatening “to come after anyone who stands with Zionism,” Farage said, “This is the diversity agenda.

“There were about 40,000 seats won by people standing on a Gaza agenda.

“Some stood for the Green Party, some stood for George Galloway, some stood as Independents,” he explained.

“This,” he added, “all took place in areas that are Muslim-majority wards.

“If that’s not a sectarian vote, I don’t know what is.”

Criticising multiculturalism, and the recklessness of mass immigration, Farage said, “What you can see, if people come in very, very large numbers, they bring their culture with them.

“What we’re witnessing with this growth of sectarian politics is an attempt to take over councils. It’s an attempt to win seats in the British parliament.”

For evidence, Farage quoted the activist group, The Muslim Vote’s list of 18 demands on Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmar.

These included: Sharia compliance, recognition of Palestine, and the weaponisation of Britain in a diplomatic destruction of Israel.

As well as, backing legislative proposals from British Muslims, to redefine “extremism,” label Islam a race, and police “Islamophobia” as racism.

Farage said, “If Keir Starmer gave in to those 18 demands, they’d come back with 18 more.”

Of additional concern is the Muslim bloc electing socialist, George Galloway.

The Guardian described Galloways’ Muslim-backed election as perilous.

The now leader of the Workers Party of Britain was expelled from the socialist-leaning Labour Party in 2003.

Self-styled an opponent of the “Uniparty,” Galloway, the AP recalled, is “a political Left-Wing disrupter.”

His electoral win is being attributed to “stop the genocide” HAMAS-Israel messaging because the local electorate has a big Muslim minority.

In reality, Galloway’s win appears more like a Muslim protest vote against Labour.

They’re perceived as not hating Israel enough over its response to HAMAS raping, murdering, and refusing to release hostages held since Oct. 7, 2023.

Galloway’s political packaging is the quintessential example of Marxist opportunists looking to milk a crisis for political profit.

Oddly, for a leftist, even the Left doesn’t like him.

Gallow’s platform seeks to unite socially conservative Brits, with Muslims.

He’s pro-Soviet Union, okay with Stalin, once praised Saddam, likes Putin, claims to be anti-woke, is anti-Israel, and hates Zionists.

As leader of Britain’s latest socialist party, Galloway’s socialist party wants the UK out of NATO, redistribution of wealth, and centralisation of healthcare.

Proving why Marxist’s politics are attractive to Muslims, he also wants Israel to become one Palestinian state.

Instead of Arabs living peacefully with ethnic Jews (in Israel), ethnic Jews are allowed to live side-by-side with Arabs (in “Palestine”).

Galloway’s politics couldn’t be more blatantly stupid, or self-serving.

In other words, he’s okay with how Israel is run today, as long as they call it Palestine, and it’s run by Muslims, not ethnic Jews.

All this adds to Farage’s fresh warnings about sectarian political voting blocs.

Back in the United Kingdom after a stint in the United States, Farage stated on X, “I’ve predicted sectarian politics in the U.K. for some time now. Well, here it is for all the see.”

Notably, the Brexiteer boss’s latest comments on sectarian politics come almost one month after socialist mayor, Emir Kir, shut down a conservative conference in Brussels.

If this is news to you, that’s because it was under-reported.

Among the speakers featured were legends like Nigel Farage, Suella Braverman, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban, Rod Dreher, and Melanie Phillips.

Police were ordered to shut down the National Conservatism Conference (NatCon), on April 17.

Under the guise of “public security,”  Kir, blocked entry to the venue, accusing the conference of creating a ‘public disturbance.’

This was after the conference had already been running for three hours, without any disturbances, or interruptions.

The Socialist mayor defended the attempted coup as fighting far-right “extremism,” and protecting participants.

Allegations of “extremism” went from inciting “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” to implied hate speech, abortion, and provoking offense.

“The far-right is not welcome,” Kir wrote on X, boasting about cancelling the event.

Thanks to Rod Dreher, you can read Kir’s original order in English here.

Dreher also said that Antifa was behind the shutdown.

“Antifa found the names of suppliers to the conference — caterers and others — and threatened to ruin them professionally.”

They “even reportedly threatened their family members,” Dreher confirmed.

Kir’s decision was about protecting the political narrative, not public safety.

His order denying freedom of assembly and speech was eventually overruled.

Deemed unconstitutional, and the conference was allowed to continue.

To which, Kir replied on X, saying, the conference would still be under close surveillance.

He said, he had no sympathy for “hate preachers” and was “remaining “vigilant as to how things unfold.”

British MP, Suella Braverman, responded to the overreach stating, “It’s laughable that the Brussels thought police were sent out to shut down a conference of democratically elected politicians representing the views of millions of people.

“They clearly didn’t want to hear about how we can secure our borders & protect our citizens.”

Braverman, writing for The Critic, slammed, this as “rights radicalism,” stating, “If only the globalists in Brussels put as much energy into securing our borders, as they did trying to gag conservatives then perhaps our continent would be in a healthier state.”

Farage and Braverman are right, sectarian voting blocs are proof multiculturalism has failed.

Multiculturalism is poisoning multiethnic social cohesion in the West.

Hence the obsession with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

DEI is life support for an inevitably unworkable multicultural utopianism.

Not all cultures are equal.

Importing, and then forcing Western countries to import, then adopt those cultures, imports the very things refugees a fleeing.

Ironically, the multicultural destruction of the West ends in the desecration of the last refuge for life, light, and liberty.

Once gone, there’s no place of sanctuary left for the poor, the widow, and the orphan.

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