Coddling Islamism in the Name of Anti-Israel Activism Is Cultural Suicide

“Over 100 organisations are behind importing the HAMAS-Israel conflict, most of them… harbour pro-HAMAS messaging and ties.”

Western colleges confusing Islamism for anti-Israel activism is more than just problematic.

It’s schizophrenic.

With one hand the educational industrial complex defends pro-HAMAS, “Death to America” demonstrations, then with the other, they’re denouncing parental rights as “domestic terrorism.”

Worse, the incongruity of calling “evil good, and good evil,” is permitted by the Woke White House.

Unsurprisingly, this all appears to have the quiet backing of an observably unstable Biden presidency.

Parents should be as furious about this as non-profit education rights group (USPIE), president Sheri Few is.

In an op-ed circulating online, Sheri criticized the labelling of parents as terrorists for peacefully protesting far-left curriculum, while “real terrorists” threaten to destroy America in government schools.

“Does anybody see the absurdity in this?” Sheri wrote.

“Those calling for “Death to America” are not protestors. They are rioters and terrorists!”

“Much like,” she added, “those employed by Antifa and BLM following the death of George Floyd, most of whom are not even students or local residents but are likely employed by the same nefarious actors.”

Sheri was possibly referring to unconfirmed reports that Chinese Communist agitators are involved in the “Death to America” demonstrations on American campuses.

As USPIE advisory board member, Lily Tang Williams shared on X,

“The arrest of a UCLA protester caught the attention of many Chinese in the US. Someone identified her as Liu Lijun, graduated from Chinese People’s University, hometown in Shanxi. She is not a Muslim, but a member of the Chinese Communist Party.”

There’s a strong case for concern.

According to the AP and the Washington Times, those indirectly bankrolling the pro-HAMAS demonstrations, include the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Marxist movement, and left-wing billionaires such as George Soros.

Over 100 organisations are behind importing the HAMAS-Israel conflict, “most of them,” investigator Ryan Mauro, said, “harbour pro-HAMAS messaging and ties.”

These, Mauro argued, negate “claims the protests are centred on the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza.”

For Sheri Few, this is proven by the clear dissonance between the Woke war on “whiteness,” and pro-HAMAS Woke racists hating on Americans, and ethnic Jews.

“This comes on the heels of at least two decades of teaching post-secondary students that America is systemically racist and in recent years this falsehood is even taught in K-12 government schools.

“Where is the pepper spray and tear gas for the terrorists chanting to Jewish students “Go back to the gas chamber?” she wrote.

The USPIE president ended by stating Americans need to wake up.

Islamists, and Marxists, want America  – specifically Christian America – gone.

Teaching Critical Marxist theory in schools, and brainwashing children, she implied was the “true domestic terrorism.”

Sheri’s frustration isn’t without justification.

Since October 2021, Biden has thrown the FBI at peaceful pro-life, and pro-America movements, using “domestic terrorism” as a guise for political persecution.

In May 2023, the U.S. attorney general, Merrick Garland was found to have overreached in labelling parent protests a threat to democracy.

Garland targeted mums and dads protesting Woke school boards.

Parents were pigeon-holed as “domestic terrorists” for protesting Critical Race Theory, and LGBTQ+ indoctrination taking over education.

With the apparent purpose of shutting down grass roots criticism, Garland misused counter-terrorism resources.

He did so by deploying the FBI to intimidate, and silence parents exercising their right to dissent.

No such action has been taken against Black Lives Matter Inc. Antifa, or pro-HAMAS, “Death to America” agitators.

As Avi Yemini quipped in response to an alleged anti-Israel protester praising the North Korean Communist dictator, “We’re up to that part where North Korea are apparently the good guys.”

Coddling Islamism in the name of anti-Israel activism is cultural suicide.

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