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Spotify removes Australian Conservatives’ “offensive” Australia Day playlist

Spotify has removed the Australian Conservatives #AC100 Australia Day playlist after it was deemed “inappropriate and/or offensive.” An email from the streaming service states:

We’ve received notice that your uploaded content has been reported as including inappropriate content and violates our Profile and Playlist Image Guidelines. We’ve removed it from Spotify.

The removal of the playlist follows criticism from singer Darren Hayes who warned Cory Bernardi to remove his music from the #AC100 playlist, or else, “expect contact from my publisher.” Hilltop Hoods joined Hayes’ quest for an “inner MLK” by suggesting Cory “go f— yourself.”

In a post on Facebook, Verum Media rightly asked, “Is this not discrimination, the type we supposedly voted ‘against’ in the recent survey? Is this not clear bigotry on display by the artists and Spotify? An intolerance for another’s opinion? … When will this bullying and one sided treatment end? If people don’t see where this is headed, I am truly worried for this nation.”

So, here we have a gay man denying a conservative access to his “product” simply because he disagrees with his views. Can you imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed? Hypocrisy at its finest, once again.

Update: Bernardi speaks on Sky News

According to Australian Conservatives Facebook page, “Principle has prevailed and we are grateful that Spotify has agreed to leave Cory Bernardi’s #AC100 playlist online…”

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