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Infant who survived botched abortion screamed for an hour while left alone to die.

Doctors and medical staff in a Polish hospital left a baby to die after a botched attempt at aborting the infant. According to witnesses, the baby cried and screamed for an hour at Holy Family Hospital in Warsaw before dying.

According to Life Site News, medical personnel did not try to help the child in any way.

Hospital spokesperson Dorota Jaslowska-Niemyska explain that a patient at the end of the 23rd week of pregnancy came to the hospital, and her medical tests suggested that the baby had Down syndrome. The hospital claims that everything that happened thereafter was according to the law and medical procedures. The dignity of the patient and the dignity of the fetus were respected, she continued.

Abortion is illegal in Poland, except when the mother’s life is endangered, the pregnancy is the result of rape, or the baby has a severe handicap or life-threatening disease.

Pro-life advocates are calling on the hospital to be charged with criminal conduct. Bartosz Lewandowski, a lawyer from Ordo Iuris Institute believes medical personnel could face criminal charges for failing to help the child whose life was in danger. It’s also possible that medical personnel could even be charged with homicide.

Let’s hope so!

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