Woke White House Abused Power When Labelling Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists,’ Report Finds

“Targeting those concerned about Woke school boards pushing Critical Race Theory, and LGBTism falsehoods onto their kids, Garland repeatedly referred to concerned mums and dads as ‘threats.’”

An interim report released by the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday condemned Biden’s DOJ for referring to parents as ‘domestic terrorists.’

Attorney General, Merrick Garland was found to have abused his power on October 4, 2021, when he ‘directed the FBI to examine and address threats posed by parents at school board meetings.’

Targeting those concerned about Woke school boards pushing Critical Race Theory, and LGBTism falsehoods onto their kids, Garland repeatedly referred to concerned mums and dads as ‘threats.’

The 2021 memo accused parents of being guilty of ‘criminal conduct,’ for ‘harassing, intimidating, and threatening public school ‘administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.’

Notably, no evidence, nor specific examples were provided by Garland in the memo to justify turning the American government against American parents.

In its 21-page, March 21, 2023, interim response, the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, called Garlands actions a ‘misappropriation’ of law enforcement, to fight a ‘manufactured issue.’

Based on evidence provided by whistle-blowers, and testimony from subpoenaed witnesses, the Republican-led investigation condemned the DOJ’s actions, writing,

Whistle-blower disclosures to the Committee showed how, as a direct result of Attorney General Garland’s October 4 directive, federal law enforcement is using counterterrorism resources to investigate protected First Amendment activity.

It is apparent that the Biden Administration misused federal law-enforcement, and counterterrorism resources for political purposes.”

Damningly, the oversight committee added,

“The Justice Department’s own documents demonstrate that there was no compelling nationwide law-enforcement justification for the Attorney General’s directive, or the Department components’ execution thereof.”

They concluded,

“There was no legitimate law-enforcement basis for the Attorney General’s directive to use federal law-enforcement, and counterterrorism resources to investigate school board-related threats.”

According to one witness, “no one they had spoken with in law enforcement seemed to think that there is a serious national threat directed at school boards.”

Citing another testimony, the report said,

“Another U.S. Attorney’s Office reported that the local FBI field office in the area “did not see any imminent threats to school boards or their members…, nor did they ascertain any worrisome trends in that regard.”

Where incidents of violence involving a school board member did occur, the case was found to have been due to ‘gun violence in the city, and not related to school board decisions or policies.’

Put simply, there was no justification for the Woke White House to use the FBI to investigate – read: intimidate and harass – concerned mums and dads.

Garland targeting parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ was a blatant attempt by the pro-far-left Biden government to censure, and silence American citizens.

About which, the report proclaimed,

“This weaponization of law-enforcement powers against American parents exercising their First Amendment rights is dangerous.

“The Justice Department subjected moms and dads to the opening of an FBI investigation about them, establishing an FBI case file that includes their political views, and the application of a “threat tag” to their names.”

All because these parents chose to ‘exercise of their fundamental constitutional right to speak, and advocate for their children.’

The investigative house committee concluded, Garland, using the FBI, and ‘counterterrorism resources against parents exercising their First Amendment rights at school board meetings,’ was a ‘misuse of federal law enforcement.’

Disregarding both testimony and documentation, the Biden White House stuck to the narrative.

LGBTQ+ activist Stuart Delery, who is also Counsel to the President, stated, the Biden administration is “committed to ensuring teachers are free from violence, threats, and intimidation.”

The political persecution of non-Woke parents fits the Biden administration’s overall approach to non-leftists and anyone who dares to question the manufactured sound bites pushed by the West Wing.

Recall how, in September 2022, leftist supporters of the current administration accused Trump of terrorism.

This was followed by President Joe Biden’s strongly inferred declaration that ‘anyone not a Democrat, was to be considered a domestic terrorist.’

Something akin to LGBTism’s fascist assumptions, which measures loyalty by way of an ultimatum: the majority who choose not to live under its PRIDE flag, are either lap-dog allies, or bigoted phobic enemies.

As I outlined for Caldron Pool in June and July, 2021 (see here and here), extending the war on terror against American citizens is a by-product of Joe Biden’s Four Pillars Against Domestic Terrorism.

Regardless of how the Woketivists occupying the West Wing wriggle spin it, the interim report’s findings are in line with these facts.

Facts that will be of no surprise to almost anyone paying close enough attention.

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