Revelations the NSA Spied on US Allies Under the Obama-Biden Administration Spells Trouble for Democrats

If NSA spooks are running illegal surveillance operations against traditional allies, and everyday American citizens, it’s not outside the NSA’s assumed prerogative to apply the same treatment to Donald Trump, MAGA supporters or anyone the Democrats recklessly label as ‘domestic terrorists.’

European allies of the United States have been left shaken after Denmark’s public broadcaster (DR) released credible findings that allege America’s National Security Agency spied on European governments.

The Obama era revelations show that the NSA had used the Danish FE (Defence Intelligence Service) for surveillance operations.

From which, the BBC said, “intelligence was allegedly collected on officials from Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.”

The Australian, citing The Times, added that the unconfirmed reports date the surveillance operation to between 2012 and 2014.

DR conclusions allege that the United States was allowed to use Danish undersea cables to feed monitored information through a Copenhagen NSA listening station established at Sandagergard in 2008.

It’s reported that the NSA gained “access to text and chat messages, phone calls and internet searches – including those of the German chancellor.”

DR’s allegations appear to add to the information exposed in 2013 through the Edward Snowden whistle-blower affair.

Snowden’s data bomb revealed that the United States government was “spying on its own citizens, and carrying out widespread tapping,” this included Angela Merkel’s cell phone.

Details that German Federal Prosecutors Office later said showed American capabilities but did not show signs of espionage.

In 2013, the Obama administration did everything it could to distance the President from anything that could incriminate his administration in relation to the Snowden leaks.

CNN, quoting Jennifer Psaki, the then State Department Spokeswoman (now Biden’s press secretary) said at the time that “it’s created significant challenges in our relationships with some of our partners.”

NBC reported that after the Snowden scandal, Obama had apologised to Angela Merkel, but denied knowing anything about what the NSA was doing. He reassured Merkel by saying that if he’d known, he’d have blocked the operation.

However, as The Australian pointed out if these new revelations prove to be true, and the Danish-US spying is confirmed, it went on after the Snowden leaks.

This suggests that it was only after the spying became public that the Obama administration put a stop to the NSA’s illegal surveillance operations.

DR’s findings also put fresh wind behind concerns that the outgoing Obama administration had been running illegal surveillance on the 2016 Trump campaign.

An operation the Democrats spent four years either dismissing or justifying as necessary because of Clinton-linked false accusations against Trump, alleging Russian collusion.

For example, Washington Post, Fact Checker, Glenn Kessler’s conclusion in May 2019:

“It’s clear the Justice Department was investigating possible ties between Russia and Trump campaign officials. The question is whether the investigation ever crossed a line into spying on the campaign itself — and that so far has not been proved.”

If NSA spooks are running illegal surveillance operations against traditional allies, and everyday American citizens, it’s not outside the NSA’s assumed prerogative to apply the same treatment to Donald Trump, MAGA supporters or anyone the Democrats recklessly label as “domestic terrorists.”

To some on the far-left, this includes Christian homeschoolers (see here and here), or the fake “insurrection”, January 6th security breach rioters.

A potentially manufactured crisis that many on the Left cried havoc over while continuing to assert that destructive Black Lives Matter Inc. and Antifa Pty. Ltd riots were legitimate “peaceful protests.”

German and French officials have called the revelations serious, with the Swedish Defence Minister, Peter Hultqvist “demanding full information.”

Reuters reported that Norway had expressed similar sentiments, although Prime Minister, Erna Solberg “reassured” those concerned that the “United States had given assurances it had stopped spying in 2014 after Oslo launched a protest against the practice.”

Responding to DR Denmark’s recent conclusions, Edward Snowden stated, Biden will be “well-prepared to answer for this when he soon visits Europe since, of course, he was deeply involved in this scandal the first time around…”

Snowden’s allegation alongside his original leaks and DR’s yet-to-be-confirmed findings will way down the beleaguered Biden presidency.

News of the United States, under a Democrat government betraying the trust of its allies, is yet another crisis, in a growing list of largely self-inflicted crises that are defining the fumbling Biden administration.

Throw in the election no one is allowed to question, Biden’s heavy-handed anti-America cultural warfare, and his anti-Trump obsessed policies, for the punch-drunk leftist President, these new revelations are another serious blow to the head.

May the truth, burn through to be seen.

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