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WATCH: Feminists kick frail elderly man from “women’s-only” train carriage

Feminists in Mexico City have kicked a frail, elderly man off a subway train after they found him in a “women’s only” carriage.

Footage of the incident shows the 94-year-old man struggling to make his way off the “women’s only” car with the assistance of his niece after he was confronted by the angry female commuters.

“He wasn’t even seated,” the man’s niece, Rosales Perez, told Mexico’s El Universal. “They attacked him and started to tell him to get off the metro because it was an exclusive car, but obviously their [language] was aggressive.”

The man, who reportedly suffers prostate cancer, was on his way to a medical appointment and was unaware that the carriage was designated for female passengers only.

The video also shows a number of women in the carriage coming to the man’s defence, saying, “If he bothers you, you get off.”


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