Justice For The Five

“We’ve decided to share the video as there remains a wicked indifference to the horrors of abortion. More outrage can be cultivated by subjecting people to mask mandates than by violently killing them in the womb.”

On March 25, Lauren Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac, two anti-abortion advocates, arrived at Washington Surgi-Clinic in Washington D.C., an abortion facility owned and operated by abortionist Cesare Santangelo.

On arrival, the women said they noticed a truck parked outside the clinic marked Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services. Sitting next to the vehicle were two large boxes with biohazard symbols. They approached the driver and asked him if he knew what was inside the boxes. He admitted he did not know. So, Lauren and Terrisa informed him that they likely contained the remains of aborted children.

After confirming the boxes were, in fact, from the clinic, they asked the driver if they could take one to give the dead children a proper burial and funeral. The women said the driver gave them permission, so they took one of the boxes back to Lauren’s apartment.

With a church deacon present, Lauren opened the box. Inside they found a plastic bag containing the bodies of 110 aborted babies, most of which were 14 weeks and younger.

Under the bag were five other babies, old enough, according to experts, to have survived outside of the womb. At least one of the babies appears to have been killed through the use of the federally banned D&X abortion procedure, otherwise known as partial-birth abortion.

Dr Robin Pierucci, a neonatal specialist, told LiveAction News that he could confidently say that at least four “died at an age when they were viable, premature people.”

According to LiveAction, the other intact babies found in the bag could have been killed by infanticide after surviving the abortion procedure.

A.J. Hurley, Director of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was also present, documenting and photographing the findings.

In the days following, arrangements were made for a funeral for all 115 babies. The 110 babies were given a proper burial, but the activists sought an independent pathologist to confirm how the other five children had died. D.C. Police were also contacted to retrieve the bodies for forensic examination.

Five days after the discovery, police arrested nine pro-life activists, including Lauren, in connection with pro-life activism that took place two years prior, which involved entering an abortion clinic to reach out to the mothers inside. LiveAction notes that if convicted, the pro-lifers could face up to 11 years in prison.

LiveAction reported that just one week after the babies were discovered, without autopsies or a proper investigation, D.C. Police held a press conference during which they dismissed the possibility that the babies were illegally killed.

Today, on the Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae sat down with A.J. Hurley to discuss the case. The episode contains highly disturbing and graphic video footage of the discovery. We’ve decided to share the video as there remains a wicked indifference to the horrors of abortion. More outrage can be cultivated by subjecting people to mask mandates than by violently killing them in the womb.

The horrors need to be seen. The horrors need to be exposed. And the horrors need to end. Now.

You can watch or listen to the show by clicking here or you can watch below:

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