Australian Senator’s Advocacy for the Wounded Shames Those Refusing to Sigh With the Wounded

When asked about his reasons for doing so, the Senator’s blunt reply was, “I can’t walk by the victims.”

If COVID-19 were a test for the Australian people and their governments, many would have failed.

It is my working thesis that this failure is due to a conditioned contempt for, and a lack of basic knowledge about civics and biblical theology.

COVID-19 has exposed how much Australians don’t know, value, cherish or understand the liberties these fundamental foundations of a classical education not only provide but also secure.

On the whole, responses and reactions to COVID-19 have exposed the jaw-dropping chasm between those who know the core tenets of civil liberties, constitutional rights and protections, and those who don’t.

The medical crisis, as much as the politically manufactured crisis, has shown discerning voters the dire cost of ditching civics and biblical theology from educational curriculums.

What’s left is a people who prefer to be entertained, rather than educated. Many of these people have been conditioned (perhaps deceptively so) to prefer having their ears tickled, rather than taught.

When a real crisis hits, instead of the people first turning to God, the government, through a violation of vocation makes itself God, and the people turn to it.

This is why we have neighbour ready to betray neighbour at the drop of a hat, when and where big government, by way of big media, aligned with big business and big tech, tell them to do so.

Australian governments are, in general, rejecting Lex Rex.

Society is being regressed back into a system of governing where the law is an instrument of a king. His whim is law. This is moving Australians away from the Magna Carta, where according to the medieval system a king – held accountable under the same laws – is an instrument of the law, not a law unto himself.

As a society, we’re seeing parts of the roof cave-in. The sinister slow erasure of the foundations is the proverbial slow homicide of the frog in the pot.

COVID-19 has also been a test of Australia’s political system.

Observe how the management and mismanagement of COVID-19 has exposed areas where the Australian constitution fails to protect the governed from those in government.

Areas, where the constitution fails to protect, is not news to those in power. They know the gaps.

These are easy areas of manipulation via loose interpretation, and COVID-19 has evidenced that those doing the governing are not beyond exploiting it as a weapon against the governed.

Unchecked power is power corrupted.

It’s good news then that the ranks of Australian MPs and Senators taking a stand against government overreach isn’t as thin as we’ve been led to believe.

One of those is the straight-talking LNP Senator for Queensland, Gerard Rennick.

In his 2019, maiden speech, Rennick called for constitutional reform stating:

Our constitution was designed to hold government to account by the people, yet 120 years of compromise has rendered it ineffective. It is time for COAG to hold a constitutional convention to clearly define and separate these responsibilities, with proposed changes put to a referendum. The blame game needs to end. Australians deserve accountability.

Speaking with the Senator, he appears to share as much passion and awareness about the problems with Australia’s political system as Constitutional expert, Dr. Augusto Zimmermann.

Senator Rennick told Caldron Pool that he is “pro-quality assurance.” Constitutional reform is a pathway towards achieving better government, and a better way of governing.

However, he said, “reform wasn’t likely to happen under Scott Morrison, because the current Prime Minister isn’t interested.”

Like George Christensen, Craig Kelly, Tanya Davies, Malcolm Roberts, and a growing list of others, Rennick is passionate about keeping Government in the realm of governing for the people, of the people, by the people.

Risking his political career, Rennick has proven himself to be a staunch advocate of those wounded by the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

When asked about his reasons for doing so, the Senator’s blunt reply was, “I can’t walk by the victims.”

He then discussed nonsense of State mandates, saying that “risk, when it comes to COVID-19 has never been properly defined, or debated.” Instead, we’re faced with gag orders for doctors, censorship of debate, and a one-eyed political narrative that cannot be questioned.

For an LNP party member, Rennick was refreshingly open about his views on Scott Morrison’s National Cabinet. He inferred agreement with the view that the NC was a usurpation of representative democracy. This is because decisions have been made, and are being made that exclude proper parliamentary processes.

No policy or procedure decided upon within the National Cabinet is passed onto federally elected representatives to be rigorously debated or voted on.

With these examples in mind, COVID-19 as a test for the Australian people, and their governments, has exposed areas of significant weakness both in Australian society and politics.

The implications are a warning, as much as a condemnation of those from the leftist dominated academy, bureaucracy, right up to the cosy cloistered existence of much of Australia’s leftist oriented clergy.

Many of those in the latter category are following COVID culture. Like Australians who have been all too nauseatingly keen to embrace medical apartheid, some clergy have chosen to self-promote instead of walk with the victims of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.

Senator Rennick’s unapologetic advocacy for the wounded shames those who, so far, have refused to sigh, or even walk with the wounded.

The next step for Australians and the Australian governments elected to govern on their behalf should be a return to civics, and civility; a back to basics return to biblical theology.

The Prime Minister must begin by putting his alleged Christian faith into action.

End the mandates, end the National Cabinet’s rule by decree, get back to constitutional democracy, and reunite the nation.

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