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Jeff Durbin on Australian culture: Big government is the result of abandoning the Christian foundation.

A few months ago, Apologia Studios visited Australia and New Zealand as part of their End Abortion Now conference. During their time in Sydney, Jeff Durbin, Luke Pierson, and Zach Conover reflected on the state of the culture in the West.

Jeff Durbin: “One of the interesting things to note, both in American culture and in Australian culture — and really with any culture that was once started by Christians, or the Christian worldview was in the atmosphere — is when you look at how those cultures have abandoned their foundations now, you don’t just get things like the culture of death, but you also get a much bigger government. We say we don’t want God’s law, and so it becomes man’s law, it becomes tyrannical and rules over every little detail of life.”

When you abandon the law of God as the ultimate basis of morality and justice, you end up embracing the arbitrary laws of men. Now, that might not worry you today, but as we’ve consistently seen throughout history, the laws of men are forever changing, forever expanding and increasing in power and control. Until suddenly, when it’s too late to protest, you realise you’ve substituted the loving and just law of God, you’ve substituted the foundation that made Western civilisation great, for the tyrannical rule of man.


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