Unvaccinated Parents Banned From Seeing Their Sick Children In Hospital

What we’re talking about here is “confronting,” “shocking,” and “challenging” people during one of the darkest and most terrifying periods a parent could ever endure.

Unvaccinated parents in Western Australia have been banned from seeing their sick children in hospitals under new laws drawn up by Premier Mark McGowan.

The laws, which came into effect on Monday, prohibit unjabbed parents from visiting their hospitalised kids unless they obtain a vaccine exemption.

Last month, McGowan vowed to make life “very difficult” for the unvaccinated, warning that anyone who has not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine will be barred from numerous public settings.

“If you for some reason have not had your first dose yet, my advice would be to make a booking today otherwise life is about to get very difficult for you,” the Premier said.

Of course, the mainstream media in Australia have applauded the draconian move.

Basil Zempilas, Lord Mayor of Perth, told Seven’s Sunrise that the state government may be “banking on” unjabbed parents taking the vaccination out of desperation to be with their sick children.  

“The ability to go and see your loved one, if you’re unvaccinated, may well be taken away from you. And could that be the trigger to make you change your mind? And I guess, that’s the force at play here. It’s a tough decision isn’t it,” Zempilas said.

“What would a parent do? Confronted by that, would it make you change your philosophy, maybe it would, and maybe that’s what the government are banking on,” he added.

Herald Sun columnist, Susie O’Brien told the program she’s “all for” the new laws, saying it’s not about the rights of parents, but the rights of those hospitalised to stay as safe as possible.

“If you are unvaccinated without a good reason, with a valid exemption, then you are going to find your movements curtailed,” she said.

“We went through this in Victoria months ago, where even 12-year-olds couldn’t attend their own primary school graduations until the rules were relaxed.”

“So, I think this is what the government needs to do at this point to really shock and challenge people into–as Basil was saying–change their philosophy, change their action, and get vaccinated.”

Now, just so we’re all absolutely clear, what we’re talking about here is “confronting,” “shocking,” and “challenging” people during one of the darkest and most terrifying periods a parent could ever endure.

It’s a situation you wouldn’t want your enemy to face, much less your own little ones. And it’s this moment of desperation that our governments and their foul media mouthpieces want to exploit by depriving the children of unvaccinated parents of the familiar comfort and support they need during a frightening and painful experience.

You see, it’s not just about the vaccine stopping, or even slowing the spread. It’s about ‘educating’– or rather, disciplining — those who have refused to take the vaccine for whatever reasons. Their words, not mine. It’s about “changing your mind,” “changing your philosophy,” “shocking and challenging people” into “changing their actions” by getting vaccinated.

And these, of course, are the same sorts who pretend to be our moral superiors.

Update: Perth Children’s Hospital has announced on social media that sick children may be visited by only one unvaccinated parent, carer, or guardian with additional public health safety measures in place. No other unvaccinated visitors will be allowed to enter.

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