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Rihanna asks for Australia’s money and Julie Bishop hands over $90 million

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has announced a pledge of $90 million to support Global Partnership for Education (GPE). The pledge came hours after singer, and GPE ambassador, Rhianna (Net Worth $230 million) asked Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull if they would, “step up with a $200 million pledge…”

Cory Bernardi responded to the Tweet suggesting the Minister should reduce foreign aid by $200 million to help Australian children. The Tweet was signed, “An Aust Citizen (not a foreign pop star).”

Last year, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) report card ranked Australia 39 out of 41 high-and-middle-income countries in achieving quality education. Only Romania and Turkey were ranked below Australia.

The countries in the order of their education ranking are: Finland, Malta, South Korea, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, the United States, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Croatia, Chile, Bulgaria, Australia, Romania, Turkey.

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