Twitter Permanently Suspends Virologist and mRNA Inventor

“I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target,” Dr Robert Malone said.

Dr Robert Malone, virologist and inventor of the mRNA technology used in COVID vaccines, has been “permanently” suspended from Twitter.

The outspoken critic of the widespread use of the vaccines has said his ban was inevitable, but that it was also an indication that his criticisms have been “on the mark” and “over the target.”

“We all knew it would happen eventually,” Dr Malone said in a statement following his suspension.

“Today it did. Over a half-million followers gone in a blink of an eye. That means I must have been on the mark, so to speak. Over the target,” he said.

Dr Malone described his suspension as a blow to a critical component in the fight to stop vaccines from being mandated for children, and to stop corruption in the government and the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industries.

He has long been an outspoken critic of the global Covid vaccine roll out, warning of the risks of a rushed release, and saying normal procedures have not been followed throughout the process.

During a December 18 interview with GBN host Neil Oliver, Dr Malone said he doesn’t regard the vaccines as safe, particularly in children.

“The risk/benefit ratio is completely upsidedown,” he said. “More children will die from these vaccines than will be saved, the data is quite clear.”

Dr Malone went on to say that he’s not opposed to the use of the vaccines, but he is opposed to universal vaccination and vaccine mandates, saying the use of the vaccine should be reserved for those at highest risk of the disease.

Even then, Dr Malone said, “as the data has emerged increasingly, I’m increasingly forced into a position where I’m not sure if they even have a merit for those at highest risk.”

Adding, the data with the Omicron variant is created a greater imbalance between risk and benefit.

The full interview can be seen below:

Dr Malone is set to appear on an upcoming episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. He can also still be followed at Substack, Gab, Gettr, and LinkedIn.

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