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WATCH: Leftist thugs abuse and intimidate elderly woman with a walking frame

When even a half-decent human being spots an elderly woman attempting to cross a street, their first instinct might be to offer some sort of assistance. But apparently that’s not the case if you’re a deranged leftist on a mission to clean the streets of “intolerance” and “hate.”

When a group of Antifa-style thugs were confronted with an elderly woman with a walking frame attempting to cross the road, they decided to abuse and intimidate her, because, you know, “love trumps hate.”

Footage shows the masked rioters blocking the woman’s path, refusing to let her pass, while screaming in her face, “Nazi scum, off our streets!”

The incident took place on Sunday at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada, in response to the campus hosting an event featuring Dave Rubin and People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier.


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