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Police evacuate cafe during terrorist incident, staff ask for half an hour so people can finish eating

An Islamic terrorist wearing a “hoax device” was shot dead by police in south London on Sunday after stabbing multiple people at random.

News outlets identified the attacker as Sudesh Amman, who had been released from prison in the last few days after serving about half of a three-year sentence for the possession and distribution of extremist material.

Footage shared on Twitter shows armed police moments after the man was shot.

Another video circulating on social media shows a police officer telling customers at a nearby cafe to evacuate as there had been a terrorist incident.

“Sorry guys, you’re going to have to close,” the officer said. “You’ve got to evacuate, I’m afraid. Everyone’s going to have to go, I’m afraid.

“There’s been a terrorist incident down there. We’re closing everything down.”

A woman in the cafe believed to be a staff member then asked the officer to give people half an hour to finish their meals.

“Just give us half an hour,” she said, “people just have to eat.”

The officer replied, “Madam, a terrorist has been shot dead, just down there. They’ve got a possible IED (improvised explosive device) vest on them, which is a bomb. If you want to try and stay open for half an hour and put people’s lives in danger, be my guest. If not, please listen to me and please make your way out of the shop…”

Two people were stabbed in the attack. One is in hospital in critical condition, the BBC reported.

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