Classical Music Branded ‘Racist’ Because Mostly White People Enjoy It

Racism isn’t just having a prejudicial or discriminatory view of people based on their ethnicity. It now extends to any activities that white people tend to enjoy more than non-white people.

Classical music is racist, evident by the fact that there is a disproportionate amount of white musicians in classical orchestras, according to The Washington Post.

The piece, penned by classical music critic Michael Andor Brodeur and titled “That Sound You’re Hearing is Classical Music’s Long Overdue Reckoning With Racism”, argues that black musicians make up approximately 1.8% of orchestra musicians according to a recent study.

“The systemic racism that runs like rot through the structures of the classical music world exists somewhere between broad statistical data and intimate personal disclosure,” the article states.

“And right now, in what seems like a promising turn, a range of responses to it–individual, artistic and institutional — feels, at long last, audible.”

Jesse Rosen, President of the League of American Orchestras, the organisation who conducted the study said: “There is an urgent need for White people and predominantly White organizations to do the work of uprooting this racism.

“We recognize that for decades, in our role as a national association and voice for orchestras, we have tolerated and perpetuated systemic discrimination against Black people, discrimination mirrored in the practices of orchestras and throughout our country,” Rosen added.

The piece is reminiscent of countless other absurd reports, news stories, and articles that have suggested any activities dominated by white people, such as riding bikes or playing golf, are evidence of racism. Then again, what hasn’t been branded ‘racist’ in recent years?

It’s an accusation that no longer shocks us. Not because we are racist, but because the charge has been brought against the most ludicrous things. The accusation, in effect, has lost its potency because it’s lost its meaning.

“It’s like ketchup,” Thomas Sowell aptly said. “It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’”

This is where we’re at, folks. Racism isn’t just having a prejudicial or discriminatory view of people based on their ethnicity. It now extends to any activities that white people tend to enjoy more than non-white people.

Where there’s a “disproportionate” amount of whites participating in a certain activity, the only conceivable reason is racism. And that’s especially true if the activity has a European cultural background. Of course, if the ethnic roles were reversed, white people would be hanged, drawn and quartered for the crime of “cultural appropriation”, but such is white privilege.

When someone suggests that classical music is racist, it’s hardly going to prompt people to reexamine their motives for appreciating Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier. What it’s more likely to do is desensitize folks to later accusations of racism, whether they’re legitimate or not.

What’s worse is when the woke folk have branded everything racist, it makes it far easier for genuine racists to fly under the radar. By branding both the Ku Klux Klan and the local golf club as racist institutions of white supremacy, the racist ideas of the KKK are grossly trivialized. And that benefits nobody, except, of course, the racists.

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